Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Lizzie

Today is Elizabeth's (Lizzie or Lizard-Breath if you prefer) 15th birthday. I remember well when she was born. She was our 4th child in 4 years - yikes!

She was Sam's first summer pregnancy. Sam looked so beautiful that summer (this summer too). Tan and healthy. (not that she's a dog the rest of the time).

The 15th birthday is a big deal in our house in that the b-day kid gets their first cell-phone - ENv3 in Slate Blue in this case.

Lizzie is our sweet and nice girl. She's the one who will help you out when you ask. She's the one you want to babysit your kids. When you get home the house will be clean and the kids in bed.

Although I often worry that she is a closet Mean Girl. Is she going to get my axe out of the shed one night and go all Lizzie Borden on us?

We love you sweet girl. Happy Birthday!

Btw - Lizzie is the white chick in the pic

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