Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vacation OBX '09

Some Random Vacation Pictures - More to Come


Maurisa said...

Love the strategically placed Bowie Blade over Sam's belly. She looks so thin ;-)

Beautiful pictures. There's nothing like the beach!

TheSeeker said...

Yay looks like y'all had a good time! How's the lovely wife doing now that she's getting towards the end?

momto5minnies said...

How fun! We missed the beach ENTIRELY this year (sniff, sniff).

That photo of your little guy with the American Flag T is gorgeous.

Beautiful family.

*Oh yeah, like the new shaved "do".

bry said...

PLEASE tell me your wife took the picture of the rainbow.

Rob said...

Maurisa-placement is everything

Seeker-she is looking great. she will tell you she is old, tired and fat but she's not

m25m-that 'do' has been around since a hot run in June when i couldn't take it anymore and shaved the hair off right after the run....its all falling out anyway

bry-don't worry my mom took the rainbow pic