Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today's Workouts

30.13 miles running this morning starting at 4am in the lovely humidity that we are having this week in the DC area. Wore my Asics DS Trainers. Had a quick pre-run breakfast of a Cliff Power Bar, half a PB&J sandwich, coffee, salt tabs and 16 ounces of water. Every 7 or 8 miles I swung back by the house and got another bottle of sports drink and half a PB&J sandwich that I had left on the front porch.


Jo Flemings said...

But what did you see?

Rob said...

well it was on the streets instead of the trails, so i saw: lots of motorists rushing to their jobs and not paying much attention while they chatted on their cells and drank their coffee, trash day so lots of trash cans but nothing intresing in the trash - sometimes i find good stuff, lots of trash trucks and trashmen who do seem to watch out for us poor runners/walkers/bikers, lots of dogs barking at me but they were all in fenced-in yards, i did see 1 fox in someones yard but it took off when i got close. i only saw 4 other runners - you would think the amount would be higher over 30 miles. lots of utitly workmen in my hood digging holes and burying cables - looks a bit like Beruit right now. my boys skateboarding in the driveway, school buses out 'practicing' their routes before schools start in a few or so.