Tuesday, February 9, 2010

American Idol 2010

Ok the sob stories, horrendous auditions and sometimes even worse guest judges are all a thing of the past. Its Hollywood week, where all those who got through at least have some tale...we hope.

We also, for better or worse, get our first glimpse of Ellen as Paula’s replacement. I never thought I’d say it but after watching all the guest judges and putting up with Kara (and Randy to a lesser degree – speaking of lesser, does anyone else think Randy has shrunk?) I actually miss Paula and all her loopy sappiness. But with a bit of prayer and a good stiff drink or two, we will all get through this together. Besides we are getting blasted with yet another snowstorm so what else is there to do?

I can’t type anywhere near fast enough or accurate enough to comment on everyone tonight. I maxed out at about 25 words per minute in 10th grade typing class. But I’ll try and give a few highlights of some of the singers until we get down to the Top 24.

Seacrest is looking dapper and well-groomed for the start of Hollywood week. From looking at the preview we are going to have lots of crying tonight – sigh.
So they have a choice, sing acapella or with an instrument. I take back what I said about the sob stories. First up is the 17yo girl, Katie, with the grandmother with dementia. The judges like her. And next is the annoying but entertainer, Skiiboski, he’s ok. Not great but I’d keep him for the laughs. Ellen is afraid of him. And he doesn’t make it through but leaves with a bang.

I brief montage of Simon and Ellen hammering people. Not a pretty thought.

Andrew is singing a Paula Abdul song with his guitar. Never heard this song before but I’m digging Andrew – not in an Ellen sort of way. Kara and the other judges love it too. Oh to have Paula here at this moment. She would be going totally cougar on poor Andrew. I can picture her now - standing, dancing, swaying, her magic coca-cola cup with its mystery contents in one hand. Andrew is totally Top 24 material. As a matter of fact I'm gonna go out on an early limb and say he will make the Top 12. I mean really what do I have to lose?

Up next is the ‘hickish’ girl, Vanessa, whose voice I loved during the auditions. If she cannot lose it emotionally she will go far. We get a look at where she is from so obviously she is getting through to another round. Now I’m not a country fan at ALL but there is something about her voice that is haunting. Whoa my first (of many) big mistake of the season. Vanessa is sent home!!!!

My next favorite is a young lady with a guitar by the name of Janell. I'm going out on a second limb (I have lots of them) and picking Janell for the Top 12 too. Its not like anyone reads this and is going to hold me accountable.

After her we get a bunch of lousy ones in a row. Lousy as in, what were the judges thinking during the auditions? You gotta ask why they sent these people through in the first place. Why do the judges get mad at the bad performances when they shouldn’t have sent them there. is the talent in America getting tapped out? is that why Simon is leaving?

Haely Vaughn is next. A 16 year old girl with a voice a LOT older than that. Very different but in a good way. and now a “geezer”, 28 year old Mary Powers, another girl with a strong voice. And both are getting to hang out a bit more.

Day 2

Lilly Scott, her of the white hair, is doing an Ella Fitzgerald song and doing it well. And the judges agree with me. I'm picking Lilly for at least the Top 24.

Next up is Michael Lynche whose wife is in labor. He is ginormous and good. And gets through. If my wife was in labor and I was across the country in Hollywood hanging out with pretty singers.....lets just say Lorena Bobbit would look like a nun compared to what Sam would do to me.

Justin, a cancer survivor, is singing at the piano. Is it ok to say I hated his singing? I mean its not like he has a dead wife or something – thankfully we are being spared that this year. The judges are with me and send Justin home.

Maddie Curtis a 16yo who has a bunch of brother’s with Down’s syndrome does an average job but is cute and well dressed. Will she get through? Alas no.

Casey a bluesy dude rocks it with a guitar and thankfully keeps is shirt on this time, unlike during the auditions. Another Top 24 candidate.

Didi aka Dread-Girl is singing a Kara song. First a Paula song and now a Kara song? I'm glad no one is singing an Ellen song. But Didi is great. Another potential Top 24 or better singer.

There were one or two other great ones tonight but I was yakking on the phone and missed the names.

So we are slowly narrowing it down towards our 12 males and 12 females that will make up the Top 24.

Ok so Ellen Degenerate wasn’t horrible, if nothing else they featured her a lot this first night so that meant very little screen time for the Darth Kara.

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Great review. It made me feel like I was there!