Friday, February 5, 2010

Pet Peeve Phriday

People who Talk at the Movies.

I didn’t pay $10 to listen to you comment on the movie, discuss the movie with your date, ask your date questions because you can’t follow the plot (how hard is it to follow an Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell movie?), or just chat cause you are bored.

Crying, laughing, screaming in horror, clapping and cheering are allowed if the movie plot dictates.

Getting up 5 times to get your free refills of the tub of popcorn and jumbo Coke are also frowned upon. If you must do this to feel like you are getting your money’s worth from your $14 popcron and $9 soda then plese get an aisle seat.

Also to be discouraged is making-out and groping like white-trash…unless the movie is really truly awful. But may I suggest in that case going home or at least out to your car.

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