Friday, February 5, 2010

Today's Workouts

Date 2/5/10
Time of Day: 6:00am
Weather: 30 and dark
Distance: 15.08 miles
Time 2:11:47 Pace: 8:45
Running Shoes: Saucony Tangent 3
Back Pain: 2
Comments: Early morning longish run. Decided to get it in before the "blizzard" hits here. Legs were sore and sluggish on the first 7 miles. Pace picked up and legs loosened up on the second half of the run. Got back in time to have a recovery drink and take a 12-minute ice-bath. Man that was cold today. About 5lbs of ice and cold water out of the tap. I was in pain after a minute, shivering after 2 minutes and numb for the last 6 minutes. It was worth because I'll be walking fine today and ready to run tomorrow instead of limping around like a geezer waiting for ObamaCare to give him a hip replacement. Ice-baths are a special kinda torture that I save for runs of 15+ miles.


Jo Flemings said...

You are an animal. I'm not sure exactly what kind of animal, but I am in shock, and awe, as usual.

Maurisa said...

I'm telling you right now, if an ice bath is what is waiting for me at the end of a 15 mile run, I will NEVER run 15 miles!

You are CRAZY!

Rob said...

Jo - Jackass is probably the animal i'm closest to

Maurisa - ice bath is not required, it just helps me recover fast for the next run...of course we may never be able to have children again