Thursday, February 18, 2010

American Idol 2010

Yes I know that AI was on Tuesday night. And yes I know that I didn't post about it. It was my oldest child's 20th birthday and we were a bit busy. I did watch it though. So it seems we have 7 of our Top 24 decided. And 17 more to be decided so far. The 7 that have gone through seem ok, nothing special yet but that could change once they get help from the so called pros.

Can you believe that show was two hours last night? How am I supposed to watch curling, luge and men's figure skating? :P That was 2 very painful hours. Lots of cliches from Seabiscuit about how "lives will be changed" and "futures decided" (I am furiously rolling my eyes). And boy do I miss Paula. Randy is just there, Ellen adds nothing at all, Simon seems to be going a bit soft and seems disinterested in his last season and Kara is one of the most annoying people to ever walk the planet. Is it wrong to wish a stage light would fall on her during Lent? Sigh - I thought so.

With tonight only being an hour I am hopeful they will give us the rest of the 24 without too much pain and suffering. Hopeful but not confident.

My week will be made if Mary “Demon Woman” Powers doesn’t make it. Besides doing the fake hard-rock mom retinue – grow up honey you are old – she is mean, overbearing and obnoxious.

First to get through is a very leggy blonde Janelle Wheeler. It’s gonna be tough keep all the blondes straight this year.

Next up we get Tyler Grady (who Kara fawns over) who makes it also. He’s a late 60’s early 70’s Robert Plant wannabe who I happen to like.

Lacey Brown made it pretty far last season and this season she’s going even farther. Thankfully we finally got a none-blonde. Lacey has a cool look and good voice so hopefully she will be around for quite awhile just so everyone doesn’t look the same.

Ashley Rodriguez, Alex Lambert and Joe something or other are all put through in less than 30 seconds….FOX must be in a hurry to sell some more ads.

They spend a few minutes putting through a girl who needs to shower by the name of Crystal Bowersox. Maybe she should hook up with Casey James our other non-bathing contestant.

Its got to be time to whack a few people. But first they are letting Sob Story #42 go on. (Katie Stevens Grandma with dementia) Ellen Degenerate tries to do the old American Idol fake-out hahaha we have never seen that one before Ellen. Good one, you got us. But of course we are too seasoned and wise and are soon on to Ellen and her zaniness.

Next on the hot seat is Angela “Sob Story #258”. Her sob story is actually heart-rending. Kara the bizarre goes and sits on the chair with her, interesting I would have guessed Ellen would have snuggled up to the chick. But alas Angela is sent home.

Lilly “I got this hair dye on sale” Scott makes the long walk to the chair of judgment. Kara, who would be pretty if she never spoke again, rambles in a Paula like fashion for awhile before telling her the good news.

Then what seems like 100 people are given the green light in machine-gun fashion. Including the official #1 contestant of Sardonic Catholic Dad, Siobhan Magnus. More on her in coming weeks. I didn’t catch the names of the others but we can catch up on that another time.

As an aside Randy has been very quiet tonight and Seafoam hasn’t been annoying...maybe its an Ash Wednesday gift.

2 chicks left neither of whom I care for but the winner is Yvonne or Paige or heck I can't remember her name, and a girl named Tory who is sent home. It is actually somewhat surprising because Tori is about 100 times better looking. I guess AI isn’t as shallow as I am.

Two dudes are also left for one spot – Andrew Garcia and a rather large 16 year old black kid who is a total momma’s boy. And boy is that momma obnoxious. There is no suspense here because they have been pushing Andrew and his Danny Gokey Collection glasses for the past month. And of course Andrew is kept and the kid is sent home like we predicted. But on the Brightside the kid is good and only 16 so he can try next year. And maybe by then he will have cut the apron strings from mom...who just followed him into the can.

So 17 more got through tonight to complete our Top 24 and it doesn’t include Mary Powers – are those angels singing? Many weeks to go until we get to our winner. Stay tuned and check back in a few days to see the Top 24 ranked.

This is the very unofficial blog of promoting and encouraging voting for Siobhan Magnus - more on that later


Zhuge Liang XLII said...

I'm totally with you on Siobhan - her "Living for the City" performance was great.

As for Mary Powers, she was cut in the last round actually (room 2), so no more worries about her (I didn't care either way myself)

momto5minnies said...

I can't believe that they followed that boy into the bathroom. There seems to be a lot of hysterical crying babies this go round.

My early favorite is Andrew Garcia, but then I liked Danny Gokey and Kris Allen from last year ;)

Jo Flemings said...

He's baaaaaccckkkkk......:-)