Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Idol 2010

Top 12 Guys – Finally after a month and a half of pain.

Ok here is our first good look at the singing abilities of the dudes. Hopefully this will tell us who the players and who the pretenders are going to be. Which I can’t say about the girls last night. No one really blew my doors off last night. Not even close to it – hopefully next week.

The worst part about tonight? That’s easy, In Heat Kara drooling over all the dudes and making a complete fool out of herself. At least when Paula did it it was amusing in a goofy sort of way. One the plus side we don’t have to worry about this kind of behavior out of Ellen. Why is that if Simon or Randy was hitting on the young ladies that everyone would be going ballistic but its ok for Horn-Dog Kara?

What’s up with Simon’s shirt unbuttoned halfway down? And Simon and Ellen are at opposite ends of the table again...anyone feel a dislike brewing between them?

Todrick Hall – “Since You Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson Todrick is a dancer, actor, producer of plays (which he may or may not have cheated people out of money) and it shows. It’s not that he’s bad it’s that he’s just average. He’s comfortable on stage so that should help him, if he lasts. Ellen loves him which shows that she should stick with comedy. Randy/Kara not impressed. Simon hates it. Grade D+

Aaron Kelly – “Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flats – Aaron, who for better or worse, will get compared to David “Baby Elmo” Archuleta is not someone I could ever in a few lifetimes listen too. But I certainly can see him getting deep in the competition because of all the teenyboppers and country fans out there. But what I can’t take is weeks of these damn ballads. The judges dig him showing that he’s one of their early pets. Grade B

Jermaine Sellers –“Get Here” by Oleta Adams – Ugh another way to soft boring ballad by the Diva. Jermaine has on a way too small jacket but somehow pulls off the look. The singing doesn’t quite work, at least not for me. Ellen, Randy, Kara, Simon all give it a thumbs down. The only judge that matters hits his performance hard and says he may have blown his chance tonight. Whoa tough room tonight. Grade D

Tim Urban – “Apologize” by One Republic – He’s another pretty boy who should get some votes on that front. On the singing front – meh. So-so. Parts of the song I like ok but most of them are boring with a capital B. He was not strong enough of a singer for this song. Will his looks get him through for another week? We shall see. The judges DO NOT LIKE IT! Where is Paula with a kind word when a brother needs her? Grade D-

Joe Muñoz – “You and I Both” by Jazon Marz – Joe looks like a light version of Anoop Desai from season 7. And yes once again it’s another ballad. Will someone please sing something up tempo? Please I am begging you people. His voice is fine but the song almost puts me to sleep. Simon says it was ok, safe and predictable and that he needed to not be forgettable. Grade B-

Tyler Grady – “American Woman” by The Guess Who – Tyler, That 70’s Show, is doing what he’s comfortable with, a rock song from the early 70’s. A good choice for him and finally someone rocking it out a bit. He’s not great but it was a nice change from the ballads and he looks the part. Simon thinks he needs to stop playing the 70’s rock star part and concentrate on his singing. Style over substance it the judge’s consensus. Grade C-. It would be lower but I’ve been whining for an hour to hear something upbeat so I have to be nice.

Lee Dewyze – “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol – Lee is a singer I liked in Hollywood Week but he had the personality of dead house plant. This is not a good choice for anyone because it’s one of those Iconic songs that was done so well originally. Lee has a great unique voice but it was not a good choice! Ellen disagrees with me but Randy is my Dawg and on my side. Simon on the other hand calls it the best performance of the night. Well that it might have been Simon but there haven’t been any great performances tonight. I hate to take Randy and Kara’s sides over Simon. I really hate to. Grade B-

John Park – “God Bless the Child” John fills 2 slots for AI this year; token Asian and token guy who is light in his loafers. He should be a favorite of Ellen’s. What you say he’s straight cause he loves Shania Twain? Hmm…Holy Butterball Turkeys it’s another stinking ballad. I feel like I’m in a piano lounge at a bar near the airport surround by drunken salesman of shower curtain rods. Wake me up for the commercials. Judges no likey John’s performance and song choice. Except for butch who seemed to like it – see I told you. Grade D-

Michael Lynche – “The Love” by Maroon 5 – what a shock they are talking about his wife having a baby while he’s screwing around in Hollywood, figuratively. Big Mike is rocking his guitar (looks like a violin in those big hands) tonight and thankfully for my sanity is not singing it as a ballad. I can’t say that I like his voice a lot in this song but he looks like he is having fun up there on stage so I would have to he’s safe for tonight. He’s the type of guy who you would ask to perform at the local VFW or Fire hall. But after all the downer songs tonight its a nice change. EllRanKara likes him. Simon calls it a vague jazzy version and that it wasn’t unique. Grade B-

Alex Lambert – "Wonderful World" by James Morrison– he was the one who was berated by Devil Woman Mary Powers a few weeks ago. Which makes me sympathetic to him..that is until he sings this boring song. Good voice or not he looked painfully uncomfortable up there. Like the proverberial deer in the headlights. Simon almost makes him cry. Kara wants to hug him. Come on Kara he’s barely legal. Randy and Ellen like him and hope he does well in the future. Ellen compares him to an unripe banana. Grade C-

Casey James – "Heaven" by Bryan Adams – Kara who loves the dirty hippie girl-toy will need a bucket of cold water thrown on her by the end of this performance. It still appears that the showers at the Motel 6 where Casey stays are still on the fritz. This guy needs to stay around because he’s such an easy target. Vote for the Worst is gonna have a field day with him. Oh I guess I should say something about his performance. Casey is sitting on a stool playing his guitar just like if he was at a coffee house or a peace march. He can sing well but I have a hard time taking him seriously after taking his shirt off during the auditions. The judges ramble forever with stupid Kara jokes. Why does everyone think he is so good looking? Seriously? Simon and the others actually like his performance a lot. Grade B

Andrew Garcia “Sugar we are Going Down” by Fallout Boy – Andrew aka Danny Gokey 2.0 is in the Idol pimp spot which proves the point that he is one of their favorites. He could come out and sing the alphabet and he would still be safe. Andy is a stay at home dad which is code for unemployed mooch. Interesting song choice. He’s doing a mellow acoustic version of it and I don’t hate it as much as a thought I would. I hate it even more. The judges do not like it either but start doing damage control and talking about how great he was in Hollywood week and how great he could be. Talk about shameless pimping on the judge’s part. This show comes way too close to being rigged at times. Grade F but he will stick around.

Just like the girls last night, none of the boys blew the doors of the place.
Quick Pick on the 2 to get booted tomorrow (do I only get to pick two?) Tim Urban and Alex Lambert or maybe John Park or maybe Jermaine Sellers or maybe...

This may be the worst season of Idol ever. Can they just cancel it now and change "24" into "48"?

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