Wednesday, February 10, 2010

American Idol 2010

Seacrest welcomes us back to Hell Week. And he might be right, it is Group Night – ugh – some will be tolerable, some with be great, many will be train wrecks.

What is worse than watching the group performances? Watching them organize their groups, pick their names (Idol and the Idolettes, Sexual Chocolate, Ellen and the Eves) and select a song.

Minutes that seem like hours go by and we watch more seemingly staged drama.

Big Mike, whose wife is delivering their first baby (what are you doing in Hollywood dude?) is shown chatting with her. Internet rumors (so it must be true) have it that Big Mike makes it to the Top 24 and then gets the boot. We are treated to a play-by-play of it. Man I hope the rumors are true and he is gone.

How and the heck are you supposed to tell who is good when they are all singing together?

Big Mike’s team is up (Team Awesome) what a self-serving pompous name. Hopefully most of them get kicked out just for selecting that name. You don’t gloss yourself. That is for others to do. Well half of them get sent packing. Better than nothing.

Neapolitan and Destiny’s Wild are having a feud cause each are singing the same song and Neapolitan stole their ideas. Full disclosure – a friend’s niece (Siobhan) is on Destiny’s Wild. But I can still be objective in my critique of the blood-sucking leeches that are Neapolitan - truly I can.

Sadly the back-stabbing Neapolitans are all put through. A pox upon them and the judges.

Destiny’s Wild kicks it great. They were awesome sounding. Much better than the others. And the judges keep all of them. Even the white dude who is more than a bit light in the loafers gets through. Let’s hear it for DW and the awesomeness that is Siobhan!!!!!

Isn't she cute?

Some who are cut beg and whine. Man up dudes. Simon tells them “not to beg”. Here Here Simon.

Katie, Andrew, and Casey all make it onward. They were some of my favorites from last night so its good to see that I have gotten a few things correct.

The Dreamers go last with the awful and overbearing Mary Powers. If there is a God in heaven (and there is) she is toast. But it also has Hope who is one of my favorites. Well God is punishing us with Mary for a bit longer. She is even snarky in her interview afterwards – the girl is evil, evil I tell you. she even looks a bit like a demon. Look at her picture below. Whenever I see it I want to put a string of garlic around my neck, grab some holy water and speed-dial 1-800-exorcist.

Sadly Group night is over (dancing around the room and clicking my heels). Next week we winnow the group further.

As always feel free to leave comments – Good, Bad and Ugly are all welcome. But please remember this is the home of Team Siobhan. Dis her at your own risk. For I shall hunt you down, cut your eyelids off and force you to look at pictures of a nude Ellen DeGeneres - don’t ask why I have those.

Adios, God Bless and goodnight

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Emily said...

Great review as always. I agree with you about Mary- she is frightening, and I cannot picture her as an "Idol" aka role model for young girls!