Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 Down and 9 to Go

"Honey, two down and nine to go!"

"Do you want me to cry?!"

We went to see Josh off at his seminary over Labor Day weekend. Guess which quote above was said by me and which was said by Sam?

Hey, if you can't laugh you are gonna cry.

So the entire gang of us trooped up to CT to meet up with Josh who was coming down from NH. It was a time to visit, to laugh, to cry, to pray and to just be together as a whole family before Josh starts his seminary journey this week. It's a long trip for him - all of us really. Sam, I and all the kids will be going through it together to some extent.

Giving your children back to God is painful and done somewhat begrudgingly, at least on my part. We keep reminding ourselves that they all belong to God and we are just taking care of them for him and we should be grateful for the time we have with them. And sometimes I actually believe that and feel better. And sometimes I feel like my heart has been ripped out and I've been kicked in the gut.

On the plus side maybe God will figure he owes us one and give us another baby - can't hurt to try ;)

Here are a few of the 100 or so pictures we took over the weekend.

Excuse me, would you like to buy a bible or maybe a vacuum cleaner?

Josh and Alex with Their Godson, Eric

Playing Stratego

Climbing at a Park

All of us

The Reason There are so Many of us...Like I could keep my mitts of her...Please...


Catherine said...

Hello Rob, I'm happy to read your family column again.
It's a great Première. It's the first time I feel in your post an heavy concern and worry.
What would be my mind in the same context? I can't tell you yet. We have, let's say, 2 or 4 years, before experimenting that kind of separation.Furthermore, your particular separation is not an usual separation, it looks like a deep commitment.
I hope Josh's happiness-faith-vocation will help you to overcome your feeling of pain. I think you feel that way because you consider his future with your own personality, and your own feelings.
But your son is an other person with specific expectations, and that's cruel to realize that, one day.
In spite of all these words, I must confess, I would have been the Do-you-want-me-to-cry-parent.
Nice pictures, wonderful family! you, both can be proud.

your wife... said...

so you do have feelings...and that is a horrible picture of me!!!

Anonymous said...

You said it best, sometimes it feels like your heart is ripped out. But we let them go and pray they're ok. Great pictures!