Friday, September 19, 2008

Stuff Catholics Like

Holy Cards

For those not in the know, Holy Cards are similar to baseball cards. But instead of Babe Ruth on the front you have someone like Saint Francis. And instead of the amount of home runs or RBI’s on the back of the cards, holy cards have stats like: patron saint of what, # of miracles performed, how long it took the lions to finish him off, or if their eyes were gouged out. And people think being a professional ball player is tough.

My younger kids all have 3-ring binders with pages and pages of holy cards in them. They collect them and trade them just like baseball cards. Not all the cards are of saints. They also have a bunch of remembrance cards from funerals we have gone to. I guess some of those people could become saints someday. That would be like having someone’s Rookie Card then. Man I wish we had Jesus’ Rookie Card, that one would be worth a mint.

We do draw the line at sticking holy cards with St Joseph or the Blessed Mother on it in the spokes of the kids’ bicycle wheels.

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Catherine said...

Oh yes, for once in your "stuff Catholics like" serie, we share this.
I find many cards in my grand-mother stuff. We also receive them (not for funerals) but main sacraments.