Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Anyone? Anyone?

Voodoo Economics.

A bunch of people without real jobs are trying to tell me how to live again. Warning rant to follow.

From MSN Money Central
Want to do something truly patriotic to help preserve the American way of life?
Don't retire. At least not yet.

That's the advice of Andrew Yarrow, a vice president of the nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization Public Agenda and the director of its Washington, D.C., office.

Yarrow urges the nation's 78 million baby boomers to forgo traditional or early retirement and work for a few more years, for their own sake and the good of the country.

Yo Yarrow, you self-righteous so and so (see honey I can keep this blog g-rated)…here’s some advice for you, you want more taxpayers to fund Social Security (SS)? What to do something patriotic? I’ve got a challenge for you. Have some more kids. SS’s problem is a lack of people being born to pay in to it. May the flies of 1000 camels nest in your armpits.

The rest of us have already figured out what a rip-off social security is and will try and get whatever we can out of it, but we aren’t holding our breath. I’m 43 and have no illusions that I will get anything from the government-run ponzi scheme.

“A vice president of the nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization Public Agenda”?! Dude, you want to help the economy and be patriotic? Get a real job! What the heck kind of job is that anyway? How do you fit that on a business card? Anyway spare me the unpatriotic BS. Last time I checked my primary responsibility was to my family not the Feds or keeping the SS scam alive. Actually the Feds aren’t even on my list. Well they are on a much different list.

And for the record, I’ve got 11 taxpayers or future taxpayers. 3 have already have over the table jobs and have started the long painful process of being sucked-dry by SS, Medicare/Medicaid, Federal, State and local taxes. They are being forced to pay into the SS system when there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell that there will be any money for them when they retire in 50+ years. Tell me why they have to have money Stolen out of their paychecks each week to be given to some geezer who was too dumb to prepare for retirement, too lazy to keep working or chose not to have a family to take care of them (or ticked their kids and they want nothing to do with them). And no I don’t want to hear about people who don’t have enough money because of various hardships. Sure they are out there. But if the Feds hadn’t gotten into the babysitting business in the first place, there would be plenty of churches, civic groups and other charities to help take care of them…just like there were for 1000’s of years. Stop stealing all this money from us and we will be able to help out the poor on our own.

Economist and actor Ben Stein says a change is going to come.
"Wealthy people are going to pay much, much, much more tax," he says
"I mean, why should very rich people get Social Security?
As for the 63-year-old Stein, he has no plans to retire.
"I don't ever expect to stop working," he says. "I love my work. I don't believe there is a meaningful life without work. You're not a whole person without work."

Not a whole person without work?!

Hey Ben Stein (BS), why don’t you shut your fat pie-hole too while you’re at it. Loved you in Ferris Bueller but dude, come on.‘Economist and Actor’?! Interesting combination of professions there buddy-boy.

So let me get this straight BS, you want the ‘rich’ (people you make over $90,000) to pay even more into the slush fund? And you think they shouldn’t get anything out of it? So why do you people even keep pretending that SS is a retirement plan when it’s really a wealth redistribution scam? And $90k a year makes one rich. Have you actually seen the prices at grocery stores and gas stations? Oh year that's right you are an actor and an economist.

You need work to make your life complete? Fine, sad, but fine with me. If you want to keep working until you croak, go right ahead. But don’t tell those of us who find our meaning in life in better places how to live. Personally I can't wait to retire. I know others who love working and want to keep doing it. Great we can both be happy. If you and your ilk will butt out of our business

Yo BS - why don’t you go take the roll, I think Ferris finally showed up for class.

I don't know why I even care. With all these kids it's not like I'm going to be able to retire early anyway. I've got to find a way to make some money fast. Maybe I need to start playing the lottery...or take up modeling.


Roger said...

And I thought I could rant!

BS really said that? I always found him to be a little more sensible than that.

My father in-law says that he will retire when he's 80. Why? Because he says he would be bored otherwise.

I always wanted to retire at 55 myself, so if both dates hold true, I will be retiring 5 years BEFORE my FIL. Crazy ain't it?

Modeling huh? Go for it! This is the land of being what you want to be after all. :)

Rob said...

I guess BS just wants everyone else to feel the same way about work that he does...I was surprised to see his quotes in hte article too.

Un-like your FIL, I wouldn't have a problem with being bored if I retired now. Heck i'd like to be bored for awhile :)

the Mom said...

I have heard BS say this in various media outlets. I was originally a bit surprised, but nothing can truly surprise me any more.

Forget modeling. You need to be the spokesman for your favorite brand of running shoes. If your story and personal testimony as to their greatness can't sell shoes than nothing can. There has to be a way to make money as the triathlete father of 11 children. There has to be...

Catherine said...

Ouh! One can be upset sometimes? Would you be a kind of protester? Opponent?
No problem in France. When you lose your job after 40 years old, you're sure not to be employed again.Too old! Too much unemployed people, YOUNG unemployed people who are ready to enter the world of work for half your salary. Government is ready to extend the work time over 60 years old in the private to pay pensions to retired'baby boom after war'persons , but all trade unions would be in the streets. Changes are very, very hard to be accepted here.
So I have to keep working about 20 years still, then I will have to be 'kept' by a richer husband. But at 60 years old, I think I'll have better chances to win at the lotery! What a perspective of future! Actually, since our change of Francs into Euros, we can't even save up enough money to prepare our retirement. What cost
1fr before cost 1€ today 6,50 more.Our salary remain the same of course.

momto5minnies said...

You have 11 children. Isn't at least one of them going to take care of their old man ;)

I'm with the mom ... you need to profit from something you love.

Rob said...

The Mom and M25M - I'm trying to profit from Triathlons but my wife won't let me. Wife Swap was looking for triathlets to be on their show. We would have been perfect with 11 kids and all. $20k for a week. But Sam axed that idea.

She does think I should get Asics to advertise on my blog since I talk about their shoes all the time. But I'm thinking they want a lot more readers than i have.

And yes hopefully one of them will hit it big and take care of us. But so far the 18 year-old wants to be a social worker and the 17 year old a Priest. Not seeing a lot of $$$ in their futures.

Catherine - Welcome home. Sounds like you all have it worse than us

Sarah said...

Politicians are assholes. Please wake me when it's over as well.

Keep blogging. You crack me up!