Saturday, September 27, 2008

Starbucks Offers Free Coffee for Homeschool Parents

Since I like to rag on Starbucks I thought in fairness I should let people know when they do something nice.
This is from an HSLDA e-mail that someone forwarded me.

This coming Monday, September 29, homeschool parents will be able to pick up a complimentary tall size (12 fl. oz.) cup of Pike Place Roast from Starbucks.

This promotion is part of Starbucks “Great Start for Great Teachers” promotion, and is now open to all teachers.

HSLDA intervened when we were alerted that homeschool parents were not included in the promotion.

We are pleased that Starbucks is recognizing the contribution of homeschool parents by extending their program to us.

In order to pick up your free cup of Pike Place Roast you will need to present evidence that you are a homeschooler.

Any one item on the following list should be accepted by Starbucks:

Home School Legal Defense Association membership card.
Membership card from a state homeschooling organization.
Notification from a school district or state government recognizing compliance with compulsory attendance.
Paperwork submitted showing intent to establish a homeschool program.
Paperwork showing the establishment of a private school.
If you don’t have one of the items on this list be creative and try to provide other proof of homeschooling.

Please note: the final decision about whether to accept proof of homeschooling resides with Starbucks


Catherine said...

At the prices they sell their drinkings, wouldn't it be a promotion to make people come back accompanied with large family ? Rather than a present. I wonder .

Rachel said...

Crap! I misses this!!!! I don't like passing up free coffee, especially when our iRoast's (home coffee roaster) motor blew and I can't roast any coffee...let alone brew it! Hopefully the new iRoast will arrive tomorrow and I will be back in luscious brown beans again!