Wednesday, September 10, 2008

But I Don't Want to be a Fairy

Cecilia aka Hunter (2) is officially obsessed with Peter Pan, in particular with Tinker Bell. When you call her Cecilia or Hunter she says "No, I Tinker Bell".

So of course everyone in the house has to be a character from Peter Pan. You don't want to cross Hunter - it's not pretty. She will go savage on you.

So the standard question everyone has to ask Cecilia each morning is:

"Cecilia who am I today?"

The answer seems to depend on her mood.

Some days I'm 'Bad' Captain Hook. Sometimes I'm 'Good' Captain Hook or Peter Pan or even a Merman. But lots of times I'm "Boy Tinker Bell"!? Boy Tinker Bell? Is there such a thing? I mean outside of San Francisco.

I don't want to be a Boy Tinker Bell! I don't want to be this 'guy'! Heck I'd rather be Richard Simmons or even The Donk!!!


KayleighJeanne said...

Tinkerbell is the patron saint of overweight middle-aged women. Seriously.

Rob said...

TinkerBell? Really? I would have guessed either Oprah or Brad Pitt...

Catherine said...

You don't want us to think you 're offended since we've seen you wearing a dress . . .
Even in French? La Fée Clochette ? Fairy Little Bell, really, it doesn't appeal to you?