Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

Sitting here this morning watching Hurricane Hanna - now a Tropical Storm - roll in. It's already messed up my normal Saturday morning bike ride with the guys. And I'm not happy about it. It's not nice to mess with an endorphin junkie.

I figure if you can't beat em join em. So I'm going wait for my fried egg sandwich to digest and then head out on a 5 mile run. We are supposed to get heavy rain - I love running in the rain - and winds of 20-40 mph. The winds aren't bad yet so I shouldn't get hit by flying debris and what not.

Early this morning I did my normal Saturday morning grocery shopping. The place was hopping with people 'stocking up' for the storm. This is basically just going to be a lot of rain and some wind here. What do these people need to stock up for? I've got enough food in my house to last weeks? We are a 100 miles from the coast people. The cashier said the store was packed last night with people buying: milk, toilet paper (ok that one is pretty important), batteries, bottled-water (we have city water and have never lost our water supply in the 40 years I've lived here), canned goods (probably bought by people who have an electric can opener), bread etc...People are too funny. I did buy two extra cartons of Ice Cream this know, just in case...


momto5minnies said...

Hopefully the rain and wind won't do too much damage ... or last too long.

My exercise routine was totally thrown off by Gustav, but thankfully I got sick so I had 2 excuses going for me.

Monkey Face said...

We live in East Tennessee and each time there's a prediction of snow (It never happens.)the milk and bread fly off the grocery store shelves. One time the forecast was pretty definite so I made my way up the road to the store in our little Baptist town to find every cash register open with lines going all the way to the back of the store.
I made my way to the end of one of those lines and prepared for a long wait. The woman ahead of me glanced back at the only two items in my cart and looked up at me, "Got the essentials, did you?" I looked down at the two cases of beer and replied, "You'd better believe it."

Catherine said...

Did all these people making provisions, live in a European country during WW2 ? That is typically a way of doing of old persons, here.
My grand-mother was compeled during the early 40's to buy breadcrumbs instead of real bread during war! If she had stocked up when German troops were entering in Poland, she wouldn't have been in that situation ! : )
Tell me, have you found again these same people at the bank to get back their money when Lehman Bros. announced its bankruptcy ? Ok, I'm 'naughty' but I put bankers and politicians in the same bag. A French expression!