Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh Hunny, I Got a New Diet for You!

Lose weight with a naked lunch

How it works: Most of us would be repulsed by the sight of ourselves stuffing food into a body where love handles are on show. Taking your clothes off before you eat, to make you feel self-conscious about every fattening mouthful, is one option.

But if that doesn't work, curb your cravings by eating naked in front of a full-length mirror. This is only recommended when dining solo - and definitely not in restaurants.

Not that you need to lose weight. But you have said recently that you are trying to. I do realize that since we have kids this would mean that you would have to take your meals in the bedroom. But I'm willing to sacrifice and come in there with you so you don't have to eat alone. I'll even do the cooking. Deal?

One hot soup or drinks...ouch...

1 comment:

Sam said...

HMMM...if it means no cooking and getting to eat by myself...I just might take you up on it...then again, I would probably lose weight just by throwing up at the thought!!!It is tough being married to a SKINNY IRON MAN who is to skinny for his clothes!!!

+xoxo+your wife