Wednesday, September 3, 2008

US Open 2008

Tennis Genius – Nice to see Dinara advance. I hope she wipes up the court with whichever of the Williams’ wins tonight. Will she?

I enjoyed the Federer match last night. Even though he’s not one of my favorite I liked his joy/excitement at the end of the match.

Since you watch way more tennis than I do, is Djokovic as annoying as he seems or is it just me? I couldn’t stand watching him at the Aussie Open, Wimbledon and now the US Open. Plus is he a drama queen about injuries or is he really banged up and a tough guy? And what’s with bouncing the ball a billion times before each serve? Not trying to pick on the guy but he gets on my nerves. I’d like to see Roddick beat him tonight. He seems to be playing well.

I'm assuming Nadal will get by Mardy Fish (what a cool name - not as cool as Roger of course) without too much trouble......but I guess I shouldn't take anything for granted. Fish seems to be really fired up to paly Nadal tonight. Anyway we shall see...

Going to be a fun night (I hope). We have tennis on tap. Great weather. And I have some steaks to cook on the grill. Doesn't get much better than that.


Mary Margaret said...

Ooooh, I'm like famous now! I get my own post/message from a real blogger.

Umm, first thing Rob--Roddick does not play tonight. Tonight we get Rafa vs Fish (after the Williams sisters). Don't ask me which sister will win--Venus is playing better tennis IMHO, but I can't remember the last time she beat Serena 2X in a row. I think she has issues with being the big sis--hates to see her sister hurt--it may play with her head.

Sure, Dinara can beat either one of them. She's beaten Serena this year already, and has never played Venus. Now, will she? I would like her to win, but if I were betting, I'd bet on whichever Williams sister gets through. Dinara's serve is letting her down much too often and I still think she sometimes has brain farts. (nothing like her big brother, and she has improved this greatly over the year.)

Djokovic--yeah, I think he takes an awful lot of injury timeouts (kind of like another Serbian player--Jankovic), but I don't dislike him. Actually, he treated Marin Cilic with great respect--very nice post-match interview. Didn't see the Robredo match. I intensely dislike Andy R. He's way too full of himself--he dumped Brad Gilbert as his coach because he thought Gilbert was getting too much credit!! That said, he is playing very well in this tournament, and I think he has a reasonably good shot to win over Djokovic.

I'm definitely going with Rafa tonight--crowd or no crowd, he should have too much game for Fish.

Weather's nice out here in fly-over country too. (You know, where we all cling to God and our guns! LOL)

BTW, thanks for your prayers for my girl. Seems that she's come through this incident with no illness. Thank God! Someday, I'll have to regale you all with her stories from the NICU.

Enjoy the steaks! Buy futures tennis stock in Ernests Gulbis. That kid has everything! Great serve, incredible groundstrokes, good movement. Look for him at the top of the tour (top five, at least) in the next year or two.

Mary Margaret (AKA TG)

Mary Margaret said...

OK, I'm back! I have no idea what Roddick thought that he was doing. Djokovic was my pick to win the tournament, but I thought that if Andy played the way he had been--he had a good shot. Unfortunately for Andy, he played like a pile of dog dung for the first two sets. Managed to come back and win the third, but it was probably too late by then.

That said, what was Nole thinking in his post match interview???? He has pretty much guaranteed that the crowd will cheer against him until the final point. Bloody fool!

Did you see the Williams sisters' match? I hate to say that a match was fixed, but this one sure looked suspect to me. Still think Dinara will lose the next one, but I'm pulling for her more than ever. Davai, Dinara!!