Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Work From Home Day

…or as I like to call it…”I’d Rather Set My Hair on Fire and Put it Out With a Hammer Day”. OK it’s not that bad, more like being ‘Pecked to Death by Chickens”.

So far the major benefit is that I appreciate my bride (Sam) even more. Staying home with these little buggers everyday could drive a person to substance abuse. It’s a wonder Sam isn’t in rehab with Lindsay and Brittney – or whoever is the celebrity of the week to enter rehab. These kids could cause Mother Teresa to curse like a drunken sailor. (No offense MT – um, I guess that is Blessed MT to me)

The noise is constant here. Sometimes it’s a low rumble like dump trucks on a distant highway. Other times it’s a high pitched shriek like a cat being neutered with a weed-whacker (which is entirely possible around this place). Even when they aren’t home it’s still noisy from the residual echo-affect (or is that effect – I always mess that up – darn public school education). Kinda like putting your ear up to a conch shell.

Now I understand why Sam practically attacks the mailman (not for THAT, this is a PG rated Blog…ok maybe PG-13 at times) for adult conversation. I’m the type that only needs around 5 minutes a day of conversation but even I’d be jumping the mailman for a chat after hanging around the kids all day. For someone who is, shall we say a tad chattier than I, it must be maddening. This may explain why the UPS guy doesn’t deliver to the door anymore and just slows the truck done to around 40mph and pitches our packages onto the front lawn. Coward!

As a side note: a plumber is here re-bolting one of the toilets to the floor (there are a lot of butts around here). Anyway he had to turn the water off to the house. The boys and I are having a blast (no pun intended) using the trees out back for a potty…the girls are just standing around with their legs crossed…Cowards!

Today’s workouts: ran 12 miles. The first 7 miles Robert (8) rode his bike with me. He did great.

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Jennifer F. said...

This is hilarious! I'm so glad to have discovered your blog (via June Cleaver After a Six-Pack).

BTW, I can totally relate to the way your wife feels. I stay home as well, and even though I'm an introvert the isolation starts to get to me after a while (I actually just wrote about it here and here if you/she has any interest).

Anyway, mainly just wanted to say that I love your blog and I'll be back!