Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Famlies Welcome

10am Mass – This is the most popular Mass at our church. It’s the family Mass. There is a nursery for the little ones and 3 & 4 year-old pre-school CCD program. So the munchkins are taken care of. Of course there are always a few people who think THEIR little darlings should stay in the church for Mass no matter what – and then we have to listen to them the whole Mass. You know the ones, the kids that are talking/crying, running around, kicking the pews etc…The parents either don’t want to discipline them or won’t. Or they say things like ‘it’s important for them to be at Mass’ (as if the kids are getting a lot out of it). Of course it’s important for kids to be at Mass. But it’s also important for people to be able to prayerfully hear the Mass. We wouldn’t put up with this kind of behavior at a nice restaurant or the theater. So why do we put up with it at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? Are we that afraid that if we politely say something we will be labeled as judgmental? I’m not talking about stoning them or sticking ice-picks between their toes (that's punishment that's more in line for spilt milk), just a gentle comment about appropriate behavior in church.

People, they are little kids, it’s really hard for them to sit quietly for an hour (heck it’s hard for me to sit still for an hour). Do everyone a favor and stick them in the nursery or CCD. My kids won’t beat them up…probably. For this reason, the geezers avoid this Mass like Lindsay Lohan avoids wearing underwear. The only old timers there are ones whose kids and grandkids are there also.

This Mass ALWAYS has music (for better or worse). One week it’s the other folk group and the next it’s High Mass with the Choir. The High Mass is really well done at our church. The Altar Boys do a wonderful job and look very professional. The incense are a cool touch. It’s just a very nice and reverent Mass.

The Folk Group's week…well let’s just say I’d rather go to a Hannah Montana concert than listen to ‘City of God’ one more bloody time. Quick someone get me a grapefruit spoon so I can puncture my eardrums. That song makes me violent. Son of Sam was forced to listen to it as a child - I'm pretty sure that's a known fact. In all fairness to the folkies, it’s the song selection not the singers and musicians. They are actually pretty good.

The third Sunday of the month is ‘Donut Sunday’. Donuts, coffee and juice are served downstairs in the basement after church by the youth group. So you get a couple hundred kids and adults hanging out and getting hopped-up on caffeine and sugar. But even on Sundays without donuts, it is very social after this Mass. Lots of people hangout in front of the church afterwards and yak it up (as in talk it up…not throw it up). It takes an extra 15-30 minutes to get out of there because of this. Some members of my family can be quite chatty at times. I’m not mention any names but they are all of the female persuasion.

Tomorrow we will cover the dreaded High Noon Mass

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