Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thanks...I Think

Well your prayers, pin-sticks in the voodoo dolls, or dancing around in loincloths and antler headdresses (or Saturday night as it’s known around here) worked. There was no rain.

So it was off bright and early (6:30am) to Caleb’s soccer tournament at some polo grounds around 60 miles away. Probably the only time my ‘white-trash’ self will be at a polo ground. Although riding around on a horse and whacking at balls with mallets sounds kinda cool. Maybe I could sell my bikes and buy myself a polo pony. I do look good in chaps – sorry you clicked aren't you?

Unfortunately for us we lost 1-0, so the tournament was over for us. On the plus side, we don’t have to go back up there early tomorrow morning and can go to church as a family in the am. That is a huge deal since, Joey (10), is serving his first Mass at 8am tomorrow. He just became an Altar Boy on Holy Thursday. Caleb will be serving with him. And it’s also Barbara’s 12th birthday.
I also got a few jobs done around the house; picked up a new ‘old’ couch (which I’ve moved 10 times already – maybe my beloved is preggers and hasn’t told me yet), cleaned out the garage and, um…well that’s about it. Did I mention I cleaned out the garage? Well half the garage anyway.
On the downside, Joey was supposed to have his first ever baseball game this morning. They canceled it due to wet fields, from rain earlier in the week. The dirt infields were pretty muddy but I’m betting the boys would have had a blast – the moms – not so much.

As a side note: how can the weathermen possibly be so wrong so often and still stay employed? They make politicians look reliable. It was supposed to rain all day and night yesterday and today as well. We got squat. I’ve gotten wetter trying to potty train the little boys. If I was wrong that often at my job we’d all be living in a refrigerator box. Ok maybe a dishwasher box, one can dream.

Weather Dudes, Saturday is my ‘cycle outside with my friends’ day’. For some bloody reason I trusted your forecast and made other plans. It turned out to be partly sunny and 65 – near perfect. Thanks a lot! A pox upon you, your kin and even your pets (especially the cats).

That's it for now. Time to go watch the final four games, even though my bracket is in the toilet.

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Cecilia 'Sam' said...

you have way to much time on your hands...I think we should move the couch again, and then work on the rest of the garage. +Your bride