Monday, April 14, 2008

It’s the Irish in him

This is a picture of a sign that Robert recently hung on the door to his bedroom.

He has anger management issues. It comes from my wife’s Irish side of the family.
I’m not sure what caused him to hang it up. Maybe his Cheerios were too soggy or his little sister flushed his favorite pair of underwear down the toilet or he bet on Tiger Woods at the Masters this past weekend. Or maybe it's because the only cereal in the house is Cheerios. I don’t know. But I’m more concerned about the atrocious spelling then I am about the anger on display.

Maybe this homeschooling isn’t working for every kid in the family, at least from an educational standpoint. Dude is 8 years old and in 3rd grade. My dog spells better than that. If he keeps that up, he better practice saying ‘would you like fries with that sir?’ or ‘hi, I’m from Amway…’.

Of course if he was in state run schools he would have been put on Ritalin, sent to psychological counseling and put on the do-not-fly list. So it could always be worse.

I guess we'll just keep and eye on him for awhile and keep him away from sharp objects and explosives.


cecilia sam said...

Watch the homeschooling comments...did you forget how well your oldest two did on the SAT's???
WATCH the Irish jokes too...and no I will not do you any favors and let you sleep on the couch or give you time out. You like those too much...You'll get yours on Thurs being stuck with a nursing baby, while I am with our HOLY FATHER!!! HA!+xoxo+YOUR BRIDE and the kids teacher!!!

Rob said...

Their teacher is awesome!!! It's not that...It's the student I'm worried about

Catherine said...

Excuse me I don't want to interfere in a family talks, but have you considered to offer Robert a personal computer with its own speller? ;)
(I'm not talking about My english, as I'm french, I've got an excuse!).
I come from "Shoved to Them". And I had read the post about one of your children who was sleeping under his big sister's bed. I had liked it! So, I came back and .... Robert's sign was so funny, I couldn't resist to post a comment.

momto5minnies said...

All in good time ...

THAT is a funny sign. I bet in a year your son will hardly recognize that he wrote that. Once they catch on, they soar!

Anonymous said...

you dont even have a dog..remember you aren't allowed?


Deb said...

Keep the sign. Use it for blackmail when he's writing his doctoral dissertation.