Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is It Just Me...

or is there something creepy about a 45 year-old woman always gushing over a 17 year-old boy? I'm not saying she's a pedophile but man it's wierding me out how she's always going on about him.

Speaking of older woman. It was Dolly Parton night on AI. For 62 she is doing alright. I should look that young at 43. But she was even hugging on baby-face David a little too much.
So who gets voted off. My bottom 3: Kristy Lee, Jason Castro and Ramiele...although I wish David A, aka Baby Elmo, would go but I'm not going to be that lucky. My top 3: Michael Johns, Carly Smithson and I'm not sure. I used to like the Virgin Nanny (Brooke) but she's starting to get on my nerves so maybe David Cook.

1 comment:

the donk said...

are you kidding me bro??? :)

seriously, you are blogging about american idol!!!!!!!!!!

i have lost what very little respect i had for you... :)