Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dad she’s going savage…

Is a frequent refrain heard around these parts. No it doesn’t refer to some wild she-beast on the prowl (although that’s not too far off). No it was my precious 2 year-old Cecilia aka Monster Baby aka Hunter.

Hunter is the nickname her brothers gave her when she was around 8 months old and starting to crawl. They said she would crawl after them like she was stalking her prey and they were right, that is exactly what it looked like. And she is still doing it.

One of the joys of ‘work from home days’ is that I get to see this side of her more. This morning she was whacking Robert (8) on the back with a large rubber sword. Of course the boys all think this is funny and laugh at her which just encourages her. They felt the same way about Mary (4) when she was 2, now they just think she is annoying. In a year or two they will feel the same way about Cecilia but they will have created a monster by then. Cecilia doesn’t have Mary’s sweet disposition. She will be the little sister who beats the snot out of her older brothers. They will rue the day that they spoiled her.

As I type this she is running around outside with no shoes or coat on. Not a huge deal except that it is 40 and drizzly outside. She had them on when she went outside a while ago. Why are they off now? She probably didn’t like the color of them or maybe they were to loose or too tight or maybe she is just plain ornery, I imagine that comes from my wife’s Irish blood.

How can children from the same parents, environment etc…be so different? Just one of the fun things about having kids; seeing their multiple personalities – um, not multiple within the same child.

Cecilia is our 10th child. I’ve decided that every 10th child is a lemon. There should be a child lemon law like there is for cars. I mean seriuosly, you can return a car within the first year or 10,000 miles - whichever comes first - why not a kid?To prevent this in the future; we have decide we are going to stop having children at 19. It is such a relief to finally have a number when people ask how many we are planning on having. Of course without having had Cecilia we wouldn’t have gotten to #11, Eric, the easiest baby out of the bunch.

Lest anyone think I don’t love Cecilia, and in case she reads this someday and decides to come after me, I love her with my whole heart. She is one of the funniest kids to watch that we have ever had – and watch her you must. CeCe, mom and dad love you so very much.

Ok that’s enough, I need to go corral the little princess and bring her inside before the neighbors call social services – again (kidding).

Hunter - wrecking havoc since 2005.
At least our windows are getting cleaned.

She'd make a great Mother Superior

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