Monday, April 21, 2008

The Many Faces of Our Church

Masses at our church are Saturday afternoon at 4:30 and Sundays at 8am, 10am and noon.

4:30 Saturday evening Mass – This is probably my least favorite Mass to attend. Although it’s the second most crowded mass of the weekend, so someone out there likes it.

This Mass is packed with old people, young people and a few families. I guess the old people are there because they aren’t sure if they will be around come Sunday. And want to get in one last Mass before meeting The Big Guy. But you would think going to this Mass would make them late for the Early Bird Special at The Red Lobster. The young people are there because they are going out Saturday night and might be too hung-over or in jail to make it to Mass the next morning. Got to give them points for planning ahead. And the few families are there because their kids have sports games on Sunday morning and the parents haven’t found them a ride with someone else on the team so they have to suffer through 4:30 Mass too.

In the summer the level of dress goes downhill dramatically at this Mass. It is about as casual as a Dukes of Hazard convention. (scairy that they have such a thing) I guess we can be grateful that Trixie and Ronda threw on tube tops and daisy dukes over their bikinis before heading over from the pool. At least Bubba doesn’t usually wear the New Style Wife-Beater shirts to Mass…yet. You got to save those shirts for Springer and Cops.

I’m not fond of this Mass for a few reasons. First, by late Saturday afternoon I’m very sleepy. And even if the priest has a great homily that day, I’m going to be falling asleep…no offense Padre. It’s not you, it’s me. Also one of the Folk Groups plays at that Mass. I don’t do folk music…unless it’s Bob Dylan or Joni Mitchell. “Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya…" is not my cup of tea…someone shoot me in the face now. To me, mixing folk music with the Mass is like mixing spandex shorts with sumo wrestlers. The last reason is that if I go to Mass on Saturday, then all day Sunday I feel like a heathen because I haven’t been to church. Wow, that’s a lot of guilt for someone who never went to Catholic school.

Tomorrow we will cover 8am Sunday Mass.


Owens Family Adventures said...

Oh my gosh, you totally had me choking on my coffee!! hahahahaha Great post!!

momto5minnies said...

I think different parishes have a different feel. Where I am NOW, the 5pm Sat. night mass is probably the most crowded or #2 mass. Most of the people that I see are the families that go to our parish school. It is also a guarantee that many of these folks will go out to dinner, so the local restaurants will be packed. MUSIC is good and usually our main priest (Monsignor) will preside. Sunday at 10:30am is also really crowded ... lots of families.

Of course when I lived in NJ, I noticed what you said of the Sat. evening mass. Sunday at 9am was the popular mass.

It is interesting to note the different people that go to the different masses. We sometimes bounce around ... especially when oldest daughter altar serves.