Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh Sure it’s OK for Them to Make Money

But can I sell my Papal Mass Tickets? Nooooooo.

You can buy every kind of piece of crap memorabilia you could ever want and then some…but selling the tickets is wrong?! Check me if I’m wrong but didn’t the Pope just give a speech on the dangers of materialism and how we need to help the less fortunate? And now the planners in DC and NY are selling his Holiness’s likeness on everything from hats to t-shirts to dog tags to coffee mugs to bumper stickers (Honk if you Love German Shepherds) to beer bongs. Ok I made up the last one but the rest are available. Heck you can even get you picture taken with a life-size cutout of the Pope. The wife and kids will be all over that if there is one at the stadium tomorrow. I’ll post the pictures if they do. I can only hope the boys don’t do ‘rabbit ears’ behind his holiness.

Yeah yeah I know that they are doing it for good cause. It’s expensive to put on one of these visits: security, leases, tolls gas, Big Macs etc…Blah blah blah. Well at least I haven’t seen any Pope on a Rope soap this time around like I did when JP2 was here back in 95.

Sam and the older kids are there now. They just called and said they were in their seats and luxury box...some have regular seats and 2 are in a skybox. I'll post pictures and a recap of their day on tomorrow's blog.

Now to go figure out what to feed a breastfed baby...yo Robert pull some of that beef jerky out of the pantry...


Catherine said...

"Rabbit ears" behind Pope's head!" But, what kind of family are you?
I kid. I've even laught reading this, I wouldn't have imagine the scene. Hope the Pope gets as much humor as you.

Catherine said...

Sorry, I mean "laughed". You and your irregular verbs! ; )