Sunday, April 13, 2008

When Dad is in Charge

Sunday morning and most of the family is at 10am Mass. I’m going to the dreaded noon Mass with Robert (8) since he’s singing in the children’s choir today. I say the dreaded noon because the only person awake will be the Priest.
This mass is filled with old people, people who were too lazy to get up earlier but too afraid to skip Mass, hung over people and those who had early morning soccer games. So here I am at home keeping a watchful eye on 5 of the younger ones. When low and behold Cecilia (2) goes tip-toeing by and heads up the stairs. My dad-radar goes off (I thought mom’s only had this) so I follow her upstairs. She has a pair of scissors (why are they called ‘pair’?) and a pack of Sour Patch Kids candy. She was in the boy’s bedroom trying to talk (or threaten) Joey (10) into cutting the pack of candy open for her. And she was just thrilled when I took it away from her.

Such ingenuity should probably have been rewarded. But I was afraid if I gave in this time, then next week she would be taking a beer and bottle opener up to Joey’s room. And beer is too expensive for that.

The Culprit – Caught in the Act

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