Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG Pays Out Millions in Bonuses

I'm not sure what is more shocking; the bonuses or that I agree with Obama the Merciful that it is an outrage.

Everyone is appalled, outraged...or apoplectic about it. The Wall Street Journal is reporting the bonuses at $450 million but some members of congress say the actual amount is closer to a billion bucks because the company disguised bonus as other expenses. Congress should know all about that, they've approved enough budgets with $100 ballpoint pens, $700 hammers, and $10,000 toilets. Not that a good toilet isn't worth it's weight in gold.

That is $450 million of yours and mine money. Assuming the Feds ever actually payoff all this debt they are accumulating from foreigners.

Normally I’d say let companies pay out whatever bonuses they want. If they want to give out a billion dollars worth of bonuses, good for them. Go for it. But because the government is run by a bunch of nincompoops who used my money to bailout out these companies, it is no longer a normal situation and hence my outrage (its fun to say hence).

In truth I don't really agree with Obama or any of the other politicians at all. They and the previous administration approved all this bailout nonsense. The bozo's in DC keep giving the bozo's on Wall Street billions of dollars. What did they think they were going to do with all that money? Just pay the electric and phone bills? Hahahaha. Of course they are going to take as much for themselves as they can. We really shouldn't be shocked by this. Pissed yes, surprised no.

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