Friday, March 13, 2009

Pet Peeve Phriday

Fat people who ride the elevator with their supersized McDonald's Big Mac and fries...and Diet Coke of course.

Now before y'all jump me for being insensitive (which I usually am) let me explain. I run and/or swim almost every day at lunch time. People at work are always saying to me "I wish I was thin like you" or "I wish I had your metabolism" or "I wish I could workout like you do". Like it comes easy to me. I've been fat before, I can't eat anything I want (close but not quite), and I work hard on my running, swimming and cycling to stay in shape and also because I like it. I explain all this to them and I tell them how they should just start out walking a bit at first and work their way up from there. But I just get the "I could never get in shape like you" type of comments or looks. Well actually you probably could if you wanted too, assuming you have no serious medical issues.

These are the same people who are always complaining about their weight and how skinny I am and how it's not fair. Someone call the whambulance. Well I see them all the time at lunch hour when I finish my run. They are coming back from some fast-food place with a big greasy bag of burgers and fries and Diet Coke (cause they are trying to watch their weight) and as I head up the stairs they head straight for the elevators.

So that's what annoys me, not fat people in general. Just those types.


wife said...

what about fat wives?

Rob said...

I wouldn't know, i've never had a fat wife

momto5minnies said...

I get ya'