Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thanks, But No Thanks

from WTOP News

40 percent say give D.C. to Maryland

More than a third of Americans believe the best solution to D.C.'s lack of representation is to cede the District's residential areas to Maryland, according to a new survey.

Only 20 percent of the 1,000 likely U.S. voters surveyed this weekend by Rasmussen Reports thought D.C. should be a state. Forty-five percent said the District's representative should be allowed to vote, compared with 42 percent who did not.

But voters were also asked, "Which is the best approach - to give the District a vote in the House, to give the residential areas back to Maryland, or to keep things the way they are now?" According to Rasmussen, 40 percent backed returning parts of the District to Maryland, 26 percent opted to maintain the status quo, 25 percent said give D.C. a vote and 9 percent weren't sure

As a life long resident of the Maryland county that butts up to DC's lousiest neighborhoods, I say NO WAY. No offense DC residents, but we don't want you. Well mainly we don't want all your crime, traffic, pot-hole filled roads, budget deficits and politicians under indictment....we have all of those in spades.

That other county in Maryland that borders the nice parts of DC (yes there are nice parts...really) might go for it. But we sure don't.

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Anonymous said...

We will probably get it anyway.

There are some sections of SW and SE that have become increasingly upscale. But you are right, it would be a tough transition.

However, would the federal revenue be cut off? If so, would PG County be hit with raising taxes and stretching funds to cover the new neighborhoods?

I suspect Montgomery County wants Georgetown and NW DC. Poor Prince George's County could not even keep Takoma Park from defecting to Montgomery, this would be another no win scenerio. It would not be fair unless some of the richer high tax neighborhoods went to PG County, no matter how much Montgomery cried and affluent whites squealed. But I do not suspect anyone will be fair.

It makes no sense to make DC a state. There is logic to joining it to Maryland. But we will pay a price with the move. Given the small size, there will be no real increase in MD representation either.

Oh well...