Monday, March 16, 2009

It Figures, He's from Utah

Once again the government is going into Nanny mode to try and tell you how to live. Actually they never leave this mode. This is nuts even for a politician.

Let's tax caffeine, legislator argues

Have a Coke and a tax.

That's what Rep. Craig Frank wants his colleagues in the Legislature to consider.

Frank, R-American Fork, has asked lawmakers over the next year to study the potential for taxing caffeine, a response to proposals this session to hike the tax on cigarettes - all of which failed.

"We're going after people who have problems with addiction for a revenue stream, only caffeine would be one that is more broad-based," said Frank, who calls himself a "social caffeine drinker."

Anyone here old enough to remember when Republicans used to hate taxes and stay out of people's personal business?

Well I was only going to stockpile guns, gold and medical supplies to ride out the this next Great Depression. I guess I'll had coffee to the list.

And yes dear, I know that I currently have enough coffee in the pantry to serve the entire US Navy for an extended period of time. That's not the point.


Mau said...

Yeah, we're "stockpiling" coffee too. Yeah, that's what it's called ;-)

Sam said...

You and Mau are coffee junkies...back away from the beans...