Thursday, March 19, 2009

American Idol '09

Here are my Top 11. Not who I like the best but who I think the voters are choosing. My personal favorites are in ().

1. Adam Lampert (1)
2. Matt Giraud (4)
3. Danny Gokey (10)
4. Kris Allen (3)
5. Lil Rounds (8)
6. Anoop Desai (7)
7. Scott MacIntyre (9)
8. Alexis Grace (6)
9. Allison Iraheta (5)
10. Megan Corkery (2)
11. Michael Sarver (11)

I've got Michael being voted off tonight but would not be surprised to see Megan, Allison, Scott or Alexis get the boot. Would the AI judges (Simon really) use their ‘save’ on any of these four? Michael – no way Simon hates him. Allison or Alexis – maybe to keep the pretty blonde girl factor high, but doubtful. Scott – possibly, not cause he’s a great singer but cause the blind-dude story sells. But I would have to say no they won’t use it tonight, at least not on any of these four.

I must admit that Grand Ole Opry night was not the painful train-wreck I thought it would be. Looking back, I think Anoop, Kris and Matt gave good performances and Adam’s over the top Bizarro World rendition of “Ring of Fire” was the highlight of the evening for me.

Here we are all set and ready for a very painful hour. This has to be one of the worst hours on TV yet here I am a few minutes before show time anxiously awaiting the start. I’ve got my PJ’s and fuzzy bunny slippers on, my herbal tea and Necco Wafers sitting next to me and my laptop is fully charged. Bring It On! Actually I’d rather spend an hour watching Oprah or The View than this show. So why do I watch it? I do it for love. Love of you people. So you don’t have to watch this schlock filled dribble. Can you feel the love people? Sure it’s a labor but it’s a labor of love.

Or course I could just watch the last 5 minutes and find out who is being bounced tonight. But miss all the fun? The group sing, the filler interviews, the Ford Idol video, Seacrest bantering with the judges and contestants, the guest singing by Carrie, Randy and Brad – good stuff. There is one plus, there is very little of the judges on these shows. Other than a few comments and some shots of Simon looking like he’d rather be anywhere but here, the judges are scarce on these kick-off the worst shows. But this show isn’t going away, it’s the number 2 most watched show each week – the actual Idol singing show is number 1.

So people are you ready to get our Top 10? The lucky ones who get to go on tour this summer. Hitting county fairs from Boise to Saginaw to Poughkeepsie. You get the feeling that whoever gets voted off tonight is actually the lucky one?

Ryan is still sporting the stylish banker suit, Randy has on a grey silk scarf with the knot turned to the right side which I think means he’s available, Kara has her hair pulled back in a bun like Marian the Librarian, Paula looks good tonight and Simon looks like he has on the same t-shirt he wore last night.

We see a clip of rehearsal footage of all the idol-wannbes wearing surgical masks so they don’t get sick from typhoid-Megan. What it really looks like is a return to Michael Jackson night. The carrier of disease herself has her head wrapped like a woman going out on the town in Yemen

Oh joy oh heavenly joy it’s group song time. I don’t what this song is but it’s not making me like county music any better. Scott stays at the piano while the others dance around the stage, which depending on your disposition is either a good thing or bad thing. Good cause that’s where he looks most comfortable and bad if you are like some who want to see him dance around the stage and possibly fall off...not that I know anyone like that. Honestly this wasn’t the sappiest group sing we’ve had. Ryan the tool threw a water balloon at Simon during the video, missed and it some poor girl in the audience.

We are back with the Ford Videomercial. Water balloon fight between the Idolettes – I’m pretty sure Scott missed with every shot. Thankfully it was a short video.

Now a bit on what happens behind the scenes when people get booted off. This may be the worst filler they have ever done on this show and that is saying something. It’s geared to pull at your heart-strings and if I had a heart it probably would have worked. Then we get a painful to watch chat with Michael saying how much he misses is family. I actually feel bad for him but If I’m right he will be seeing them soon.

Seacrest tells us we are going to whittle it down to the bottom 3.

Danny is told to stand up and he’s safe – duh. Lil is next, she’s wearing all green – didn’t know she was Irish. She is safe and so his Anoop.

Next Allison and Michael are told to stand up. And both of them are sent over to the Bottom Three Star Trek Chairs of Shame. No way Allison should be over there. What’s wrong with you America? You gotta think either Alexis or Megan are going to join them – well or maybe Scott. How’s that for covering the bases?

We are back from the break with the Brad Paisley dude – shockingly he’s wearing a cowboy hat. Yo my country music peeps, who is this guy? Is he a star? Sweet looking guitar.

Scott is first up and he’s safe. Next is Megan and...she’s safe, Yes! Thank you America. Mary, HA!
Matt and Kris are safe – double duh.

We are down to Alexis and Adam. Ryan asks Randy to pick which of the two is going over to the Chairs of Shame. Randy says Allison - oops Randy wrong name dawg.

The three are told to stand up and Ryan tells Allison she is safe and can go back over with the others. After a break we are promised Carrie Underwear.

They play a video of how she got her start on AI and what she has been doing since idol. Quite the country career she has had. Good for her. Carrie and Randy Travis are brought out to sing together. Carrie has a shellacked helmet hair look going. I think she would look better with longer hair. But I’ve never met long hair I didn’t like. Just ask my wife. That was actually a rather pleasant song. Did I just say that about a country song? Pleasant if you overlook the fact that it was an old dude doing a duet with a young lady.

Finally we are getting down to it. And Holey Moley Michael is safe. Stupid Redneck’s across America must of figured out how to text their votes and drink at the same time. Alexis now has to sing for her Idol life. The judges decide not to use their save. Alexis is gracious in defeat. I still can’t believe America thought Michael was better than Alexis. But then again I’m a moron.

Next week it’s Motown

Adios, God Bless and Good Night


Kindas said...

I did not think they would save anyone this early,on American Idol. I am super excited for the terminator movie too. There are few movies I will go to the theater and watch but this one makes that short list.
Have a great day.

momto5minnies said...

Alexis is way better than the blind piano guy. I really think it was song selection. Oh well ... at least I don't have to listen to KARA refer to Alexis as naughty or dirty.

Mau said...

Momto5minnies is right. Kara's fawning over Alexis was downright disturbing! At least Paula had the girls reigned in last night.

Mary said...

Hey, wait a minute...last time I checked an American Idol did not have a winner yet!
So, HA! Just wait and see... my top picks are: Adam and Matt. And I guess I have to pick a female too...that would be: Allison.

So, bring it on! :) ha ha :)You know I'm kiddin'...