Monday, March 2, 2009


  • There are 19 million empty houses in America

  • The median price of a used house is 26% below its peak

  • AIG now says it is facing a $60 billion loss.

  • Micro Tech is laying off 2,000 more people in Idaho

  • Citigroup is nearing bankruptcy, with the U.S. government getting ready to up its stake to 40%

  • Only a few months ago, the official budget deficit was projected to come to $800 billion...then $900 billion...then $1.2 trillion...and now, get this, it's gone to $1.75 trillion.

  • General Motors just reported a loss for the fourth quarter of nearly $10 billion - The government gave GM more than $13 billion - there goes the bulk of it.

  • Stocks are now back to '97 levels...meaning investors have made nothing for a dozen years.

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