Friday, March 20, 2009

Pet Peeve Phriday

People who let their kids scream and run around in stores, church and restaurants. I know kids are going to make noise and act up in public, trust me I know that. It’s the people who act like their kids aren’t doing anything and just ignore it that I want to strangle. At first I want to whack their kids but then I realize it’s really the parents who need a good beating.

The rest of us who or shopping, worshiping or having a rare meal out should not have to listen to your kids screaming or running around like wild animals. Stop the free to be you are me hippie psycho-crap and discipline the kids. If I can take 11 kids to church or out to eat and have them behave then so can you….it all starts at home.


Noel Paukert said...

You are sooooooo right. I teach 8th grade and I often wonder if the first time some of these kids hear the word "NO" and the person actually saying it means it is when they get to my class.

Anonymous said...

In defense of perhaps the clueless rather than irresponsible-people get arrested for dealing on their kids in public. I have a few kids who seem to know that acting out is best accomplished when mom is really pregnant, pressed for time in a public scenario, and where there is alot of room to be just out of reach of a controlling and reminder grasp of semi-controlled you're-really-going-to-get-it-rage. While I am more than willing to tempt fate by camping out in front of a camera to beat the daylights out of the ill behaved with that did-you see what they just did I- dare you to take custody of-them set to my jaw, alot of people might feel immobilized by the schizophrenic press that swift justice for the guilty sometimes garners.

I think personally, there is potentially often alot more going on behind a failure to act than is fair to judge from irritating encounters with people in public with unruly children.

This is a real hot button to me, because I might be really trying to train my kids and still failing by the casual assessment of a chance encounter at the Ob's office, the Walmart, or McDonald's or the Mass, but as soon as I read something like your blog or better yet, this one... and all the comments that follow--
I feel REALLY hurt, judged, condemned and like "What was I thinking when I said 'yes' to God"?

Mary said...

I know...I know...Rob, it's day 20 of the month. Where was your date with your honey!

Rob said...

Mary - she left me high and dry yesterday (20th) to go on retreat. guess God is more important :) i'll make it up to her next week.....maybe