Friday, March 6, 2009

Pet Peeve Phriday

Where we get to vent about the little things that annoy us. Got one? (other than the usual this blog stinks) Chime in.

Mine for the week is Braille lettering on drive-thru ATM’s. This makes about as much sense as braille Playboy magazines. I mean seriously just how many blind folks are driving these days. I know it sure seems that lots of them are given the number of yo-yo’s out there. Although Scott “The Blind Guy” McIntyre from American Idol could probably drive blind. I know FOX thinks he can walk on water so driving should be a piece of cake. Is this one of those pinko-commie American’s with Disabilities Act requirements. Is the nanny-state even invading our ATM’s now?

Yes I know that the ATM manufacturer puts the Braille stickers on all ATM’s at the family – save your breath people.


Roger said...

The fact that my boss continues to use the 'word' irregardless, even though I point out every.single.time. that it is NOT a word. Ugh!

I'll save more for later. :)

Rob said...

Hey Roger of the Great Name - long time no see...irregardless of that fact, stop by next Friday and give us some more ;)

lisa said...

I'm so bothered by news announcers (or anyone, really, it's just more obvious on tv or radio)who put two subjects in one sentence. For example, "George Bush, he said..." The children, they are...." Enough with the redundency already! This drives me bonkers. There, I feel much better. :)

Rob said...

"Lisa, she said she was upset by...." :)

Glad you could get that off your go have a great weekend

Annaberri said...

How about out of context quotes, like Rush Limbaugh say he "hopes Obama fails". They forgot the "if...." part. AAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHH!
I'm so glad I don't have cable.