Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol '09

Motown night baby. Get your groove on. Get down get funky. This has to be better than country night, doesn’t it?

So who does Motown songs favor?

Favors: Lil, Danny, Matt

Dis-favors: Megan (rats), Michael, Scott, Kris.

Depends on song choice for: Anoop, Allison.

Doesn’t matter for: Adam. He can do pretty much anything he wants for at least a few more weeks. He could do a flaming in-drag version of “My Guy” or a metal hair-band version of “Baby Love” and still get voted through. I find myself looking forward to his performance and what he’s going to come up with more than any of the other singers…even Megan. Shocking I know

Randy is dressed with a 50’s fraternity look, Paula is in a 50’s little girl prom dress, Simon has a 50’s crew-cut that looks like his mother cut it, even Ryan in his suit and tie could be a 50’s banker. I think they got the wrong decade for Motown night. Kara is the only one that looks normal.

The initial chat between Seacrest and the judges is particularly painful, like pulling shark teeth.

We get a video clip of Motown’s history. You paying attention kids at home kids? This is actually pretty darn cool. Motown sure beats the Grand Ole Opry. Smokey Robinson looks like he’s been going to the same face doc as Paula and Randy.

Looks like the Smokster is going to be the celebrity mentor tonight. He had such a sweet voice, wonder if he can still bring it.

Matt Giruad is first up tonight (not sure who he ticked off) and is doing “Let’s Get it On” by the late great Marvin Gaye. He starts out at the piano than hops up and works the crowd at the edge of the stage. He briefly sings let’s get it on in front of the judges table to Paula, which has a large ick factor. It was kinda like Gaye-Light. But it’s hardly fair to compare a skinny white dude to Marvin. Randy seemed to like it. Kara makes a slightly off color joke about getting it on – she is paid for this? Is she taking over Paula's Stalker-Cougar role for the night? Matt might want to start the paperwork for the restraining order. Paula? I swear she speaks in tongues. All I caught was something about old jeans. Simon liked it. My only complaint is that he looks kinda plain, and not in a cool way. Idol has wardrobe people don’t they? Anyway good enough that he will be safe tomorrow night.

Kris Allen is doing “How Sweet it is” by Marvin Gaye. Guess it’s a Gaye night. Mr. Allen is using his guitar tonight. He looks very comfortable. His rendition is serviceable. Nothing spectacular but he’ll be around next week too. I think the problem so far is that they are doing songs that were done so well the first time and the bar has been set so high, that it’s going to be tough to live up to them. Kara loves it and gives an actual music review instead of being naughty – finally. Paula does some more of her Pentecostal revival babbling. I’m just waiting for her to handle snakes. Simon calls it a smart song choice and he made it his own. So far I’ve missed Randy after each performance. Maybe he’s in the can.

White Bread Scott and the baby grand piano are singing “You Can’t Hurry Love” by Diane Ross and the Supremes. I don’t have high expectations for this at all. This has potential major train wreck written all over it. I’ve finally figured it out, he reminds me of Captain from Captain and Tennille. All he needs is the sailor hat. If he makes it through for more than 2 weeks I’ll wear a Captain hat and post a picture. What is the deal with his pink pants? FOX you dressed a blind guy in pink pants, a paisley shirt and brown striped jacket? What’s next a tutu and feather boa? Paula from revival land loves it. Simon rips it. Thank you Simon. I couldn’t stand it either. Glad to see Randy and Simon had the stones to criticize a blind dude. Kara is half and half with it. Paula and Simon get into a tiff and Paula gives Simon a coloring book and crayons. I have no idea why. Maybe they are going to color during the breaks. Well you gotta do something to kill time during the breaks.

Y’all like how I didn’t make any Scott should do a Stevie Wonder impersonation jokes?

We are back with Megan Joy Corkrey. MJ to her friends. MJ is singing “For Once in My Life” by Stevie Wonder. Will she or won’t she do her patented washing machine dance. She looks stunning tonight and her dress, necklace and hair thingy are color coordinated to her tattoos – sweet. She would make a wonderful show girl in Vegas or in a Broadway musical. The judges are going to hate her but I don’t care I’m voting for her with all my phones :P Alas very little dancing by MJ tonight. Very sad. Randy and Kara no likey. Paula doesn’t like it either but agrees with me that she looks stunning. Simon hated it also. I may have to get four phones going. I wonder if I can dial with my toes. Hopefully can get her some help tonight.

Anoop is doing “Ohh Baby Baby” by Smokey himself. He’s sitting at the edge of the stage trying to look sexy, ok that ain’t working at all. But what is working are his vocals. I really dislike Anoop but got to admit I liked this performance – drats. Kara says she connected to moments in his chest. It seems she has learned how to speak in tongues from Paula because I have no idea what that means. Simon says the vocals were great but the performance was a bit boring. Randy says good but bring it stronger.

Michael Sarver is singing “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” by the Temptations. This is awful, yucky, bad, smelly, horrible, stinky, poopy...Let’s just say I didn’t like it and hopefully enough others agree so MJ doesn’t get the boot. He dances like a white guy (um, Rob they prefer to be called Caucasians. Really? My bad). Paula doesn’t like it either! Whoa she likes everyone. Calls it Vegas like. If even Paula didn’t like it. MJ might have a chance. Simon calls it below par and says he has no chance of winning. Karandy aren’t digging it either. Yes! I love you Michael, you may have just saved my girl MJ.

Lil Rounds and her new wig are up. She is another one like Anoop who I can’t stand but who will be around for a long time. She is doing “Heat Wave” by Martha and the Vandellas. Smokey says she could sing the phone book. Poor guy has been hanging around Paula too much this week. I’m sure Lil will do a fine job with the song but she is an annoying chick. She’s bringing the song strong and has prom queen Paula up and dancing. Another reason to not like Lil. At least Lil isn’t going through the motions like usual. I’m tired of her relying on her voice to carry her through and just assuming she’s great and doesn’t have to work at it. Randy surprisingly doesn’t like it, interesting. I actually thought it was alright. Kara tells her she looks great BUT that this was her week and she had to nail it and didn’t. Paula of course disagrees and loved it. Simon the only judge that matters doesn’t like the song choice and says it was too fast. Karandy keeps saying she looks hot – enough already. We have established that she looks great, everyone agrees. Let’s move on.

Adam is doing “Tracks of my Tears” by The Smokster. I LOVE this song. Let’s see what Adam does with it. Smokey seems to like him in practice. Adam is singing with just a guitarist. He’s got his hair combed back and his wearing a suit sans nail polish. He kinda looks like Kurt Russell – weird. So this is reigned-in low-key Adam? Just proving he doesn’t have to be all flamboyant? Well it worked. Awesome job. The crowd loves it. So does RanKarula. Kara yells "I have 6 words for you 'One of the best performances of the night'". Her counting is about as good as her judging advice. Someone sign that girl up for remedial math. Simon, who is the only judge that is going to affect the outcome at all, calls it the best of the night.

Danny Gokey the other contestant who annoys the heck out of me is doing “Get Ready” by The Temptations. He actually dances worse than Michael. Silly Caucasians. Sounds and looks like he should be singing at a carnival or on a Carnival Cruise. Sorry, it’s hard to be objective when you don’t like someone. Paula calls it first class. Simon gives it a clumsy and amateurish – you go Simon. Ranara are liking Danny but say it’s not his best performance. No matter he’ll be safe.

Allison gets the plum last spot of the night and is doing “Papa was a Rolling Stone” by The Temptations. Young Allison brings her strong vocals like usual and nails the rocker-chick thing. The black-lace leggings are just ugly. Randy pulls out the ‘dope singing’ comment for the second time tonight. Kara shamelessly tells America to vote for her and Paula loves it. Simon is drawing on Paula’s face. Simon likes it good and says she saved herself after a bad night last week.

Without pondering it much, I figure Scott, Megan and Michael will be in the bottom three tomorrow night. And it pains me to say that Megan may be the one to be given the old heave-ho. Come on Michael I’m counting on you to get the low vote total tonight. Don’t let me down big guy. More on that tomorrow night.

Adios, God Bless and Good Night

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momto5minnies said...

I just can't listen to another song by Scott ... the piano man. I agree with your bottom three.

Adam, Allison, and Matt were my faves of the night!