Monday, March 23, 2009

Lessons Learned

As some of you know Sam went on a retreat from Thursday evening until Sunday night. Here are a few lessons that I learned will watching the kids alone.

• Wii is a great babysitter

• Chocolate cake left out on the counter over night still makes a great breakfast

• Kids can go 72 hours just fine on pizza, nachos and fluff sandwiches

• Diapers don’t need to be changed nearly as much as women think

• Ronald Regan was right, ketchup is a vegetable

• If you haven’t seen your 18 month-old in half an hour – bad things are probably happening

• Our kitchen sink is big enough to hold all the dishes we own

• It’s possible to clean a 5,000 sq foot house in 30 minutes before the mom gets home

• Baths are optional

• Yelling at your 3 year-old for wearing miss-matched socks might indicate that your have consumed too much coffee

• cotton-candy is very very very sticky

• My kids are great and I wouldn't trade any (well almost any) of them

• My wife is a much better mother than I

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the mother said...

you forgot about the "movie feast" mary keeps talking about!!!