Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From the You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up Department

"...Baby you can drive my car..." - Beatles

The latest from the Politburo of the People’s Republic of California

From various news sources in the past week alone.

Mandatory Checking of Tire Pressure

"An issue that briefly brought President Barack Obama ridicule on the campaign trail last year is gaining traction in California, where air regulators are seeking to mandate proper tire inflation as a way to reduce fuel consumption.

The state Air Resources Board on Thursday adopted a resolution requiring auto repair shops to check tire pressure every time drivers bring in their vehicle for maintenance, oil changes and smog tests. The next step is to develop detailed rules to implement the mandate, which will take effect in July 2010.”

Ban on HDTV’s

“California Proposes Ban on Energy-Hogging HDTVs Starting in 2011
"The California Energy Commission is going ahead with a proposal this summer that promises to ban State shops from selling televisions not considered energy efficient.”

Black Cars to be Banned

“If California regulators get their way, auto makers may soon be forced to rewrite a cliché from the Ford Model T era and start telling customers they can have any color they want as long as it isn’t black...The problem stems from a new “cool paints” initiative from the California Air Resources Board. CARB¹ to mandate the phase-in of heat-reflecting paints on vehicle exteriors beginning with the ’12 model year, with all colors meeting a 20% reflectivity requirement by the ’16 model year...The measure is aimed at reducing carbon-dioxide emissions and improving fuel economy by keeping vehicles cooler on sunny days and decreasing the amount of time drivers use their air conditioners."

No word yet if All Sharpton plans a protest

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