Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Bit of an Explanation on Yesterday’s PPP Post

This is what happens when I write a post in 2 minutes and don’t expand on it or proof it. I almost, almost, put this disclaimer at the beginning of the post: “you can never know everyone’s circumstances and what they are going through. I’m reminded of a story. There was a man traveling on a train with 3 small children. The children were being loud and running wild and the man didn’t do anything about it. A fellow passenger went to confront him about it. The man told him that he just found out that is wife had died and he didn’t know how to tell the children or what to do”.

Those are in no way the people I’m talking about. I’m talking about the permissive parents who consistently choose to not discipline their children as a way of life. These are the people I can’t stand being around. And who in fact I refuse to be around. Whenever we have a party I have to approve Sam’s guest list. No one is invited who doesn’t choose to keep their kids somewhat under control…I’m not saying their children have to act like Ezzo Robot Kids. So I’m not talking about perfectly behaved children. All kids are different and respond to discipline differently. But the parents at least have to try.

I read that article a few years ago and could relate to it from both sides of the issue. Sam and I owned a Christian bookstore for 10 years. The best thing about running the store was the people you met. And the worst thing about running the bookstore was the people you met. There were people who literally let their kids run wild in my store and destroy inventory. Were these kids who couldn’t behave? No way. I’d get a hold of them alone from their parents and tell them to knock it off and they would listen. They were just never told to chill and not destroy other people’s property or be obnoxious little jerks.

Yes it’s unfair that Large and Homeschooled families are judged more quickly than other families. Unfortunately in my cases it’s deserved. But that’s life. We also stress to our kids that they have to be better behaved in public than other kids because people are just waiting for them to act up so they can say “see I told you those big homeshool families are out of control”. Fair? No but that is the way it is. So we deal with it. So yes I’m sensitive to how my kids and Sam and I are perceived by others. But sadly I see a lot of truth in the Catholic Information article. Does the author go overboard and seem to lack charity and understanding at time? Sure he does. But there are many people who see large families that way.

So we just keep on trucking and do the best we can and if that’s not could enough for some than so be it. They obviously have larger issues to deal with.


Mary said...

So..."Whenever we have a party I have to approve Sam’s guest list. No one is invited who doesn’t choose to keep their kids somewhat under control"
That's what you said!
You made my day! So, I guess we're approved....right?! :)

Rob said...

yup, approved. lucky you! It's a very short list of people.
I really can be a jerk at times with my wanting to control who we hang out. see you in April!

the Mom said...

Does that mean we can come?

I hear ya on the guest list thing. We had a kid at a party once who went through my desk and walked out with the electric bill in hand and asked why it was as high as it was. His parents didn't even bat an eye. Guess who won't be coming back to my house?

Rob said...

The Mom - of course you can come. if you and hubby and kids ever want to come out and do the DC thing, you have a place to stay

John from Maryland said...

What about ill behaved parents? Are we welcome?