Sunday, May 25, 2008

5 Second Rule!?

Try the 1 week rule.

From MSN Health

Is it OK to eat food that has been dropped on the floor, so long as it is picked up within five seconds? Here at MSN Health & Fitness we’re interested in, well, your health and fitness—so the short answer is no, the food should be tossed. But you knew that already.

Obviously these people have never tried feeding 13 people on one salary. You drop it at our house you eat. I don't care how long it's been on the ground.

Well that's not quite true. Years ago when Robert (8) was a baby, he was crawling around under the dinner table. I saw that he was chewing on something. Not surprising. You could feed the population of Haiti for a week with the remnants of food under there.

So I did the finger swipe of his mouth and pulled out a piece of steak. Now with 11 kids (7 at the time) we don't eat steak a lot (a shame I know but I'm working through it with my therapist) so I knew exactly when we had last had steak - 7 days before.

Even I had to draw the line at that...although I was tempted to let him chew on it for awhile. It had kinda turned into beef jerky by then and would have kept him busy for quite some time.

Oh and he didn't get sick from it either.


Anonymous said...

We have 8 kids: five of them boys and 3 of these teenagers. They'll eat anything, from nearly anywhere. I have my limits, though. The "rule" is about 30 seconds around here. Nothing that has sat out overnight. And only if you can get to it before anyone else.

PS. Our doggy vacuum would have got the steak long before the baby found it. It's the only reason I tolerate having an animal in the house. Besides the boys, that is.


Catherine said...

And what about steaks that drop from the grill to the garden floor?
Well, finally, we won't be able to come for dinner as scheduled! ; )
Does MSN HEALTH visit kitchen of restaurants? or does MSN prefer to ignore what's going on overthere? If we send back wasted meat from the kitchen floor, does they replace it? We're exactly on the same wavelenght here,and we're only 5 at table.

Anonymous said...

I ate a piece of fruitcake that we had kept in a tin for almost twenty years... the larder was bare and I got desperate... it was finally time for the cake to die.

It did nothing to increase my appreciation for fruitcake, does anyone like it? Who in his or her right mind would put orange peels into a cake? Gross!

I must say, though, that the liquor in it had aged well. The monks liberally soak the cakes... to kill the taste I suspect or to make it so you do not care.