Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Idol Night

And then there were three

Who will step up and deliver a knock out performance? Who will stink like my running shoes? (the old ones – not the nice new ones) Who really cares anymore? The contest has been pretty boring this year.
Oh well in for a penny in for dime or a nickel or something like that. Isn’t there an expression that goes like that…?

Ok it’s starting…I’m all aquiver with anticipation. Each contest will sing 3 songs tonight (this may confuse the former Laker Girl) It seems the judges will pick one of the songs, the contestants a song and the producers one.

David ‘Baby Elmo’ Archuelta

Song #1
Paula is picking Elmo’s song. Some mayor dude with quite the mustache is announcing it. I wonder if I could grow a stache like that? It’s the Billy Joel song ‘And so it Goes’. This is a problem, I can’t stand Billy Joel. Oh well he’s starting. Dude open your eyes when you sing. You are freaking me out. Maybe he’s trying to shut out the view of his ‘World’s Scariest Stage Dad’ out in the audience.
Here’s a shock, it’s a slow ballad type of song…yawn…where are my no-doze.
Randy - says it was dope. Um, is that a good thing? Where’s my Urban Dictionary?
Paula – not sure what she said. I zoned out there for moment. I’m sure it was inappropriate given their age differences.
Simon – good but predicable…the mosh-pit tarts aren’t happy with Simon.

Song #2
He picks “With You’ by Chris Brown
Well at least he’s not doing another freaking ballad. Wow he has his eyes open this time. He’s singing to the mosh-pit chicks and they are clapping and doing the wave and squealing like Ned Beatty in Deliverance. Well since I can’t stand his ballads I won’t pick on him for this one. Other than to say it was a mess.
Randy – not too impressed
Paula – says great job
Simon – applauds him for not doing a ballad but says it was like Chihuahua trying to be a tiger

Song #3
He’s singing ‘Longer’ by Dan Folgerberg. Another artist I can’t stand. Watch out here comes sappy ballad time. How is this song choice supposed to challenge him? If you need me I’ll be in the kitchen with my head in the Kitchen Aide. Well here’s one plus, his singing has put the baby to sleep. David’s singing is good for something after all.
Randy – says he could sing the phone book…I hope it’s from a small town.
Paula – says it was lovely…whatever
Simon – says he did well with what he had to work with and he should be in the finals next week. Of course he did. David is one of the Chosen Ones.


Song #1
Randy has text messaged her his song choice. He’s so dope. She’s singing an Alicia Keyes song “I Ain’t Got you”. I don’t like Alicia Keyes music either. man what’s up with all these songs by people I don’t like? I mean what’s next? Duran Duran. (I hear they are in the Rock Hall of Fame)
Well she looks nice and has pretty voice. Hopefully she will stay around another week because if nothing else the show needs someone pretty on it.
Randy – says she is peaking at the right time
Paula – babbles on
Simon – says she did well and looks gorgeous, he’s got that part right.

Song #2
She’s singing “Fever’ by Patti Lee with a chair?! This could be hot. She’s acting saucy. I better cover the kid’s eyes. She might actually have better legs than I. She’s quite the performer.
Randy – not down with it
Paula – none of the judges like the song choice
Simon – lame cabaret performance. Says his was her chance to show she is a contemporary performer – he’s got a point. But she did look good.

Song #3 is “Hit me Up”
She’s not really and American Idol per se but she is a good performer. I don’t think she did enough to stay around another week. She needs to go to Broadway or Vegas.
Randy – just ok and they all seem to be criticizing the song choice…well it wasn’t her choices nitwits.
Paula – she did very well but not the right song for her. Wow Paula actually says it might not get her into the finals. Dang did Paula just agree with me? I’m very worried now…need to call my therapist about that one.
Simon – not impressed either.
Obviously the judges want David Squared to advance.

David Cook

Song #1
Simon picks a Roberta Flack song ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ cause it’s a tough song and wants to challenge him. I like that thinking. Paula and Randy both chose ones that fit the singers. It starts out real slow and slowly builds to a strong finish. Not my style but he’s very good. He’s definitely my favorite singer
Randy – is giving Simon a hard time about the song he picked for David. Says he wants to hear David rock out.
Paula – liked him…duh
Simon – liked it and says it was the best of round 1

Song #2
David has picked Switchfoot’s “Dare you to Move” for himself to sing. I don’t know this song but my kids do. I’m so not dope.
David’s got his guitar out and his doing a nice job. To me he seems like the only one left who could be a rock/pop star.
Randy – loves the song (name drops about it). Says it was pitchy
Paula – wishes it would have gone on longer because it got better at the end.
Simon – says it was just ok.
Well heck with them all

Song #3
He is signing "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith.
There are a bunch of string instruments behind him, it’s very slow and builds into a power ballad. I don’t like the song (at least not this version) but it’s better than the other two performers’…
Randy – loves the song choice but not the execution
Paula – is standing and clapping and says ‘see ya in the finals’
Simon – says David Cook wins the night.

So it looks like the young lass will be getting the boot on Wednesday’s show. Unless America votes like crazy for her. But I’m sure the show would fix it anyway.


momto5minnies said...

I do hope that David A. goes home. He does have a good voice, but I prefer not to look at him when he sings.

The local radio station does a whole thing on AI every week. One person called in and said that if he were to pay money to go to a concert at an arena, it would be to see David Cook. If he were to get all dressed up and take his wife out, he would go to a local dinner theatre and listen to David A. Sounds about right to me.

AI seems to be about who is marketable. David C. is the best fit I think.

Catherine said...

Do they squeeze in subliminal advertising for running shoes
that compel you to stay until the end? At least, it enables you to write good posts. Thanks for the humorous comments, Rob's family! I prefer reading the comments than watching the show.