Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Because You Are Never Too Old To Play Dress-Ups

Because there aren’t enough Catholic Bloggers who cross-dress

But most of all because my sister-in-love Triple Dog Dared Me

They are real and they are spectacular.

note - the owner of this blog is not responsible for the cost of any therapy needed after viewing this post.


KayleighJeanne said...

Your timing is a little off. You need to put the pretty picture first, and draw the reader in. Then you sucker punch them.

Rachel said...

I don't know what is more disturbing, you in a dress, or David Archuletta being called the winner on American Idol tonite. I think I need to have a glass of wine.

Hope you had fun on your Anniversary (wink)!

momto5minnies said...

WEll, I have had the glass of wine and I AM WITHOUT WORDS!

The dress ... pretty
The bride ... a little strange

I'll still read your blog because I love that you have 11 children, that you LOVE your wife, and that you have a bit of the guts that some Catholic bloggers just keep in the closet ;)

the NON cross dressing DONK said...


i think we need to start working together again... or at least showering together... it seems that you are finding other ways to let your "cough" "cough" OTHER side out...

your poor children....

p.s. i'd hit it...

Rob said...

KLJ - Sam made me take down her picture. She did not like. I think she looked hot.

rachel - I'll send you down a bottle of wine to ease the pain of having to see that and an extra bottle for the David Archie debacle

momto5minnies - I promise no more x-dressing posts...at least for awhile. Sam puts on her dress every year...it's really cool when she's preggo in May - i wish we had pictures of that. I got into the act a few years ago for fun. Last night my SIL dared me to post the picture of it.

donk - you know you want a poster-sized of that picture.

Cecilia (2) is walking around the house now saying "daddy wear mommies dress"

Sam said...

JUST WANT ALL TO KNOW THAT THE CHILDREN WANT TO MAKE SURE NO ONE KNOWS THIS IS THEIR DAD...especially since he looks better than me in my dress!!!btw...those are not real!!!

Catherine said...

ivowhsrcOh! no! You didn't dare!
Really, I don't know what to say! Do I have to apologize to have seen accidentally such spectacle?
Hope no-one in my family have seen the picture in the screen over my shoulder!
Thanks to the comments I understand better your motivation!
Other new traumas in Sardonic Catholic Family : (

Anonymous said...

O how the great have fallen!

There are some things that good Christians and mortals should never see.

I may have to pluck out my eyes!

You are lucky your children are homeschooled!

Now I am off for shock therapy and maybe a respite in the monastery to forget.