Monday, May 26, 2008

The Days are Long but the Years are Short

Sometime the days seem to go on forever but the years go by too fast.

Here is a sampling of our Memorial Day weekend.


8-10:30 – Dad cycling with friends
10:00-1:30 Sam, Joey (10) and baby Eric at Joey’s baseball game (they won)
10:45- 12:45 – Dad and 5 of the younger kids at the Memorial Day parade. Barbara in the parade. Two oldest still sleeping.
12:45 – 5:30pm dad and kids at pool.
1:30-5:30pm – Mom, Joey, Eric and Caleb join the rest of the family at the pool.
5:30 – 6:00pm – go home from pool and get cleaned up to go to a party.
6-9pm – Graduation party. Leave the 4 oldest there
9pm – put little kids to bed
11pm – Sam goes back to graduation party and picks up 3 of the older kids
1:30am – oldest gets home from party


8-9am – Dad and Robert go to 8 o’clock Mass
9-11:30am – Dad and Robert go over to my dad’s house. I cut his yard while Robert weeded.
10-11:30am Sam and the other kids go to 10 o’clock Mass and then take Lizzie (13) to a friend’s house for a sleepover.
11:30-noon lunch
Noon – 2:00pm – house cleaning while Hunter naps.
1-5pm – Barbara went to a minor league baseball game with friends.
2-5pm – go to the pool
2-midnight – Alexandria (18) went to boyfriend’s soccer game and then to dinner and movie
4:30-5pm – dad runs home to start dinner
5-7:30pm - friends over for dinner.
7-8pm – Barbara went to pool
8pm–until morning – Caleb (15) had 3 friends spend the night.
9pm – bed time for little ones


7am-9am – Dad cycling with friends
10am – Memorial Day Mass and rosary thru the graveyard at church
11am-noon – lunch at home and get ready for pool party
Noon-5pm – Memorial Day party/cookout at pool.
5pm–bedtime – hanging out at home. Watching TV, decompressing etc…

Long but fun days that at times seemed to drag on this weekend. Yet it was just yesterday that our oldest Alex (18) was born. Someone has stolen a whole bunch of years from me and I want them back. Lord help me to enjoy the days.


Catherine said...

Too much sports in your schedule! My days would seem long to me with all this sport torment!
Otherwise, I'm with you, my little baby Alexandra is soon 16 years old she's nearly ready to live alone!!!

Catherine said...
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