Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does This Mean I Have to Buy Every Child of Mine a Car?

Girl never misses school for 13 years

CONSTANTINE, Mich. (AP) - Andria Baker has pretty much always been present. From the first day of kindergarten through her last day of high school, Baker somehow made it to school for every day of classes, despite colds and sports injuries. Why? If she kept it up, her father promised her a car.

Baker kept up her end of the bargain, willing herself to go to school on those days when she felt under the weather. She notched her 13th year of uninterrupted classroom attendance with her final day at Constantine High School on Friday.

At a party Sunday, her father, Tim, presented the young woman with the keys to a new, $17,000 Pontiac G6, complete with a "0 DAYS" personalized license plate

I mean my kids are homeschooled so they pretty much automatically have perfect attendance. Don’t they?

I was real close my senior year of High School to having perfect attendance, I had 42 days absent (I had that attendance report framed) my last year of HS. The key to getting away with it, is to always have the same friend write your sick note from your parents so the handwriting is always the same. If you are actually sick and your mom writes you a note, trash it and have your friend write one. It also helps to know your home-room teacher's vacation schedule. If she is going to be off on a known day then skip the day before and turn the sick-note into the substitute, they don't care.

Now a days they want to put kids or their parents in the local lock up for a few days if the kid skips school. Or not allow the kid to get his drivers license. Where is Ferris Bueller when you need him?

Not that this doesn’t look like fun.

But I’d prefer this

We would skip and go to the local horse racing track, to the beach or just hang out at someone’s house and watch The Price is Right or I Dream of Jeannie reruns. I learned a lot more doing that than during 4th period English Lit class. I can still explain what Exacta and Trifecta bets are. And I can guess the price of a box of Rice A Roni or Lee Nails to within 10 cents.

Skipping school is an American tradition like; politician’s lying or celebrities going to rehab.

That would be one difference between my lovely bride and me. She always went to school. She even went to school on Senior Skip Day – the nerd.

In the off chance that any of my kids actually reads this blog (or can actually read), I’m not buying any of you cars.


the school skippin donk said...

i think i missed about 45 or so days my senior year as well... all i remember was that i was only a few days away from the max amount of days missed...

here is what i would do:

mom would come down on her way to the kitchen and flick my light on to wake me up... i would get up, go into the bathroom, turn the shower on and sit on the tiolet (lid down of course) until i heard the front door shut... then i would turn off the shower, go to the window, watch her drive off, and go back to sleep!!!! who has time for school when you are up all night watching MASH reruns and smoking camel lights?!?!?! (using a piece of pottery my mom had made as an ashtray i might add)... man i was a good kid... never understood why my mom was so anxious for my 18th b-day to come... ;)

Mylhibug said...

I didn't miss that much school my senior year, physically. Mentally, I was GONE. That's what happens when all you need to graduate is a gym class.

I did go to three senior skip days though. :)

the Mom said...

We used to skip all the time. Some genius built the Catholic high school one block from the beach. Being the good kids we really were, we put on our swimsuits under our uniforms, go for first period roll call (the only one that officially counted), then skip out to the beach. There would be rows of uniforms neatly folded on the sand. Don't ask me why we folded them, I told you we were really good kids deep down.

I don't know that I actually learned a lot that year, but I had a gorgeous tan. That's gotta count for something.

As for the car, don't buy them a car, give them to this guy. He's obviously got a few extra bucks laying around.

Catherine said...

Reading the donk's comment, I imagine that the senior year is when you reach 18 yo? For us, it's the "terminale" well-named! The End. Furthermore, it's the year young adults obtain the age of majority in France.
For me it was the transition, I passed from a student just as Sam, always studying hard, never missing to Miss Hyde (according to my parents, not me, I was just "breathing" after so much controled schooling).
By curiosity, the money for the bet, can you (or the donk) tell us where you found it? Is your best friend (which is also the donk himself)loaned money too? It was just a question from my children? Can you explain my daughter how to get good grades without working at all in your next post? Mr Bad Advice? : )

Rob said...

The Mom - never under estimate the importance of a good tan. I've been doing all my workouts at lunch and i'm getting pretty dark already.

Lady Catherine - Senior year is last year of High School before one goes to University.

Um...what bet.

i don't think you want me to tell your children how to get good grades without studying.

Gretchen said...

Man, that's what I used to do too! And I SO want to tell my kids about my cleverness but, of course, don't want them to get any MORE ideas than they already have.

When they're 30 is time enough.

cecilia sam said...

shame on better hope the kids don't read this...and I am not a nerd!+your bride+