Friday, May 2, 2008

I’m Really Only 34.

At least according to RealAge

My driver’s license says I’m 43. But their health assessment says I’m 34. If you are bored go take it. It takes about 10 minutes and you don’t have to give any personal info other than an email address.

Here are my results/recommendations:

Some of the good things I’m doing:

I exercise a lot (Sam would say that’s an understatement)

I take vitamin C and E plus others (actually a lot of others)

I have a great marriage (tru dat)

My BP and cholesterol are nice and low (the BP being low is surprising with all those kids at home)

I don’t smoke (since I’m so healthy maybe I can start up)

I don’t take any meds (Valium doesn’t count in my book. As a matter of fact they give you a life time prescription at the hospital when you have your 10th child. It's a new government program)

The negative things:

I drive too fast (that’s not changing)

Eat too much red meat (if they only knew how much I ate and it ain’t changing. The highest level the quiz asks was ‘3 times or more a week’, heck I eat red meat 3 times a day)

I don’t take a daily aspirin (they upset my tummy)

I don’t floss enough (I shall try and do better – that’s the same line I feed my dental hygienist every 6 months)

I have a low resting heart rate. Here’s what they say about that:

Keep an eye on your heart rate.
Your resting heart rate is slower than average. This usually means one of the following:

1. You’re extremely fit for your age, which means you have a young cardiovascular system. . . .
2. You take medication, such as a beta blocker, to slow your heart rate.
3. You have abnormal electrical conduction in your heart.

Well in my cause I’m guessing it’s the first one. So it’s not a really a negative.

Not lifting weights. (This is true and I need to had some strength training or at least add steroids to my daily routine. Someone get me Roger Clemens phone number)

We calculated your body mass index (BMI) to be 23.9, which makes your Real Age slightly older. (LOL – I’m a porker – ha ha ha – I think Sam and The Donk can back me up on this one. I’m nowhere near being fat. Both have seen more of my body then they would like to admit – for 2 completely different reasons)

Doesn't matter, I'll probably get hit by a bus...


donkilicious said...


f@t @$$!!!!!!!!!!!


the Mom said...

Man, you're old. I'm only 28! I'm sure it would be lower if it weren't for all these darn kids.