Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And Then There Were Two

So we are left with a little scared looking white-boy (no not The Donk), a lovely young black woman and a smug white dude who looks like he lost his hairbrush.

Who goes tonight? That is the question that America is dying to have answered (I typed that with a straight face…really)

Anything other than Syesha getting the old heave ho-will be a shock. Since the field was narrowed down to the Final 12 it has been pretty obvious that the judges want the David’s to be in the final showdown. They have used their comments and song choices to get everyone else booted off. If the show was based on talent, David Cook, Michael Johns and Carly Smithson would be the final three. In my un-humble opinion. But for some reason the judges have preordained Baby Elmo as a finalist and Syesha was able to hang on and slip through the cracks to make it this far.
I can’t believe I’m going to sit through and hour of FOX promos, lousy commercials and a recap of last night’s snooze-fest to see Syesha get the boot. This season has been almost as long as the insufferable presidential campaign.

Ok quick recap of the filler:

• Paula and Simon are both showing too much cleavage for their ages. Randy is keeping his pimp hands loose.

• Group sing. They shouldn’t let the guys dance they look like stiffs. Just have them stand around like statues and let Syesha move around them

• A silly Ford commercial with the Idolettes. I feel like I'm on acid

• A look back at last night’s mostly lame performances

• A performance by some scary looking ‘woman’. She looks like a Red-Headed Lesbian Linebacker or maybe Foghorn Leghorn. My teens inform me that she is a past winner with the ridiculous name of Fantasia. I thought that was a Disney movie. Who's gonna win next year? Someone named The Little Mermaid or The Lion King?

First victim for The Seacrest’s hi-jinks is Baby Elmo. We see a video of him going back to his home town (in Utah - lots of white folk there) and getting the rock star treatment. Whoa it’s very long. Ok we are back live and…ok we aren’t being told his fate. We are being treated to another video montage. This one of his path to the final 3

David is put on ice while Syesha is brought out. So now we are watching a video of her visit back home (Sarasota/Bradenton Florida). She seems like she is having a great time and she seems like a real person. But what do I know I still believe in the Great Pumpkin. Now the video montage of her journey here. So I guess we will see the same type of videos about David C.

And here we go…David Cook is visiting his home town of Kansas City. Some chick in the audience at an outdoor concert is crying her eyes out. So are a bunch of little girls at an elementary school. Now a parade and first pitch at a baseball game. Looks like he had a good time. And now the video recap of his journey here. I guess it’s hard to make an announcement that takes all of 30 seconds into an hour long show.

Rambling speech and advice from the judges.

And Syesha is going home. Nice run sweetie you done good. One last song from her.

See ya next week

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the high and mighty donk said...

what will you do when this show is OVER!!!!????!!!!