Friday, May 16, 2008

Can You Speak Mandarin?

So I got my tax rebate, refund, kickback, bribe whatever you want to call it.

So far I’ve bought a Canon Rebel digital camera for Sam, a 22 inch flat screen monitor for one of the home computers and of course running shoes. So I’m doing my part to help the economy…China’s economy that is.

Everything I’ve bought and plan on buying is made in China.

Politicians are jackasses.

Here is what I did with the rest of the money: 10% tithed, paid off the loan on the 15 passenger van, and put the rest in savings. Maybe the order of nuns that we gave money to will go out and blow it on scandalous living and help the economy.

I guess it is possible that some of the money in savings will get spent at the beach this summer while we are on vacation. So that could help some minimum wage workers. But most of the vacation money will be spent on junk from China.

So if you are getting a rebate what are you doing with it?


the tri master donk said...

ours went to the bathroom we are doing and some tri gear....

Tina D said...

Geez, I just realized you must've gotten like $4,500. How cool. That would pay about half our stupid property taxes. Half of our rebate just went to clean out the cesspool, which overflowed the other day. I'd like the rest to go toward a long vacation on a beach somewhere... but it'll probably go toward our daughter's tuition. Why can't I get anything cool like you did?

Rob said...

Tri Master Donk, Mrs. Tri Master better be getting something out of the deal too.

Tina - not quite that much. Sam and I only qualified for $300 each and 2 of the kids didn't quailfy at all. Not that I'm complaining. I'll take all the money the bozo's down the road from me want to print.
Now go buy yourself something cool

Lauren said...

I am using mine to buy a MacBook. This'll be my first Apple computer since I was parents had a Macintosh when I was growing up.

Great post Rob. I enjoy reading your blog.

momto5minnies said...

It is paying for our vacation and 2 camps. I did get a lovely iPod Nano for Mother's Day ;)

The Nutty Mama said...

You rock! Bought your wife a camera! SWEET! Can you call my husband? He's using it all to pay off debt. All of it. I asked him to throw me a bone... something fun. Nope. Debt.


Maybe next year.

Great blog!

Catherine said...

Are you kidding?
Rebate? rebate? What does it mean? We don't know this word in France.
Our president asked us to work more to earn more. Result : Pay more taxes.
IF, yes I dream, IF they WOULD reverse us something, I ask for the dual Monegasque nationality, and I leave France and my debts with all my savings. Do they welcome us at Monaco? I doubt, the rebate wouldn't be enough. It was a beautiful dream, regardless.

Rachel said...

Politicians are JACKASSES thanks for saying so. Have you seen any of the parodies of Hilary and Obama on SNL in the last few months? Stellar stuff, speaking of jackasses, especially the other night.

My husband told me we make just over the line and will not be getting a refund. Crap! I keep forgetting that we're RICH. Someone needs to clue me in.

I love your blog! Oh no! I just saw that it's 2AM...gotta go to bed. G'nite.


Seven qualifying kids = tithe + new camera + enormous backyard play structure for the kiddies + homeschool books for next year + two remaining birthdays of the year + dinner at McDonald's for the kiddies + evening at the opera for Mama and Daddy. Whoopee! Oh, and new paint for the bathroom. Bribe me some more, Jackasses! I could get used to this.

Naive said...

Hmmm... Must be something about bathrooms. That's where ours went, too. It's probably just because the check was enough to re-do a bath but wasn't enough to re-do a kitchen.

The Toto toilet is from Georgia, the Behr paint is from California, the tile I don't know, and we haven't chosen a new light fixture yet.