Sunday, May 18, 2008

Elmer's Glue, a Sharpie, a Two Year Old and a Shower

As I was returning from my early morning bike ride yesterday morning Sam was heading to church to run some chick retreat she had been planning and working on for the last month.

All the kids over the age of 10 were doing other things. So it was just me and the youngest 6. I put a movie on, put the 10 year-old in charge and hopped in the shower. I was gone for maybe 5 minutes or so. I mean seriously my shower's are quick. I'm short, thin and don't have a ton of hair so my showers ain't all that long people.

And this is what I return to. How can a 2 year-old get into this much mischief in such a short time? This why we call Cecilia, Hunter.

What a waste of glue. That could have been used to make fake nails or at least as a snack.


Oh and all this happened a little bit before I had to leave to pick Caleb up at car-wash at church and take him and the little ones to his soccer game. So that's how Cecilia went out too.

Oh and one other thing, those are pajamas Hunter is wearing...who knew...well other than her mother who pointed that out to me when she got home that evening.


the super thin donk said...


not because of what she did... but because you said you are thin!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

dad of the year right there... ;)

love ya walt

momto5minnies said...

All those years with all those kids and you just realized the damage a 2 year old can create? SILLY DADDY!!!!!

I am laughing at the "pajama" outfit. I think my husband would do something like that.

Catherine said...

Do you think, Sardonic daddy, we, moms, can afford a shower (even though we're thiner than you, of course), a short session of makeup, or a phone call with our better friends?
Even if we try, children will immediately make an end to that activity!
Nap is the Break. Whatever you want to do, it's at nap time.
Even under this careful attention Gabriel changed himself into a tiger, his favorite animal. Come and see, it's true! So we got the "hunter" and the "tiger".

Aprilyn said...

I have a child just like that. He's 3 and has dumped glitter glue on his bedroom carpet, colored the kitchen walls and floor with a permanent marker, drank an 8 oz bottle of white board cleaner, and sprayed air freshener in his eyes (to name a few). Will he live to be four? Hmm..not sure.