Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Should He Stay or Should He Go Now

Its 420 Jason, time for you to go. His stoner Spicoli act is growing tiresome. He could at least try a little bit. I mean dude had a week to remember 90 seconds worth of lyrics to ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ and couldn’t/wouldn’t. Besides if he gets the boot he will have more time to hit the kind bud.

So here we go. We start off with the Brady Bunch-esq group sing-a-long. The kids are doing a campy version of Steely Dan's 'Reeling in the Years'. Then we are treated to a video on the youngins in Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. They should have stayed in Vegas.

David #1 is brought out and is safe. David #2 is brought out and is safe.
Time for the new Ford commercial. The Idolettes are dressed up as Bull Fighters and are fighting a mustang?! I will have colorful nightmares tonight.

Now the question and answer call in session. The pain is almost unbearable. Why, why do I torture myself so? I'm ashamed. There must be something better on. I wonder what's on the Oxygen Channel?

Before we get the news, Maroon 5 does their new song. And an Idol Loser…I mean runner-up, Bo Bice does a song. He’s very rocky and very hairy. Hairier than The Donk. I find myself liking the song.

Ok time for someone to get the boot and it's...Jason. Duh.
I'm a...


his worshipfullness the donk said...

its 420, time to go... nice...

i think you should become a professional blogger...

and I AM NOT HAIRY... havent shaved my legs YET... but still... i am the least hairiest Italian guy you know...

momto5minnies said...

Well, at least the right person left. It really seemed like he was ready to give up anyway.

What is up with "the donk"? Are you related, coworkers ... huh?

Catherine said...

Can't step into the argument concerning the show since I haven't seen it. It seems really important? comparing to real elections what's more important? Clinton Obama Jason ?
Your title is excellent, the Clash, the Cure, you're the first blogger I met who gets an english music culture.
I'm with momto5minnies (sisterhood), who's the invisible donk? you get the same humor?
and finally what is this story about 420? donk find it nice, why? Do I have to hire an american young girl au pair to translate all your mysterious signs? : #

Catherine said...

The donk is a running partner? Do I have win?

Rachel said...


All the bands you mentioned on my blog are my faves too. I used to work in record stores and had purple bob haircut. My favorite band right now is MUSE. I can not get enough of them. I got the DVD of their most recent concert for my birthday. AMAZING!

But I love The Smiths, Cure, New Order, Bauhaus, David Bowie, Love & Rockets, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Jet, Killers. My absolute favorites were The Police. And when my son, Andrew, said he wanted to play drums I told him he HAD TO listen to Stewart Copeland.

Well, Andy's drums are TAMAs, like Stew's, as are his cymbals: Paistes. I am glad I had such musical influnence over one of my kids.

And I am jealous over all those kids. I really want another baby, but God just isn't too interested in making that happen for us right now, tho not for lack of trying. ;-)