Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well Scratch Me Behind the Ears and Call Me Sparky

It's a new grill.

My honey (Sam not the UPS Man) got me a new grill for our Anniversary the other day.

My old gas grill bit the dust over the winter. It was a bigger fire hazard than a government housing project. I decided to switch to charcoal. I have enough gas already, just ask my wife. Plus I was thinking that switching from gas to charcoal would give me some more man-points. I mean the baby is 9 months old and Sam is not pregnant yet. She hasn’t actually said anything yet, but I know that secretly she is questioning my manhood. Darn tight spandex bike shorts.

It’s the mother of all grills. Many a critter will meet their demise on it this summer.

The Beverly Hillbillies got nothing on us

Now That's a Fire! Roll Cecilia around, she be alright.

Get off my grill little girl

No actual animals were hurt in the production of this post


Catherine said...

I haven't received my calling card yet. No vegetarian in the family, I haven't told you that?
Can you remind us when is tha party?

the Mom said...

Ummm..I'm with Catherine here. Where is the invite for your regular readers? And..hello? I thought we were family..sort of.

Rob said...

Catherine and The Mom, you two have an open invitation to come any time your want

Rachel said...

Hey! I love animals too......

Catherine said...

The Mom and Rachel, pick me up, I'll be waiting for you at the station ?!?!!! If we bring ketchup is it ok?