Friday, May 30, 2008

That’s one heck of a Plumber House Call

Space Stations Only Toilet is Broken

Keywords from the article: ‘Russian-made toilet’ (probably commie-era), ‘the three-man crew will have to make do with a jury-rigged system when they need to urinate’ (key word being Man), ‘Fortunately, the solid waste collecting part is functioning normally’ (yes fortunate indeed).

The space shuttle discovery is going to bring some toilet parts when they launch this weekend. I guess he guys can just dross their legs until then. The shuttle should just bring a tree or maybe some empty beer bottles. Those always worked fine in college. Too bad they can’t just open a door and let it fly.

I can’t imagine what the bill is going to be for a plumber to make a house call that far away. We spend enough down here on earth keeping our toilets running. Like the time it was clogged with too much toilet paper and overflowed for a few hours. We got new carpet and wood floors in the rooms around that head. Or the time Robert (then 5) had the door knob come off in his hand and he panicked and flushed it. Or having the upstairs john overflow and water come through the ceiling into the dining room – appetizing. Or just having to re-seat them regularly because of the sheer number of rear-ends that use them.

A half working toilet would be a nightmare around here. We have 3 full baths and there is a good chance there will be a line for them at any given time. Especially the morning after Sam makes her mother’s stuffed cabbage. It’s not pretty. I should buy stock in Charmin. I can’t believe how much money I spend on something that is used just once to wipe someone’s butt and then flushed away. Maybe is should invest in a bidet.

This guy seems to like his.

Nah…my boys would just drink out of it. The trees out back might be a better solution

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Catherine said...

Can't Mary Poppins help your family? In that case. Your children could wait in line at her front door.
The joy to get a toilet broken with a large family! It's already difficult with 5, so 13, I imagine!
Have you noticed we can never find the culpable who has clogged it with papper? When you start the inquiry, suddenly, children didn't go to the bathroom since the previous day!